Dental Gadgets That Make Oral Hygiene Easier

Gadgets are everywhere these days and the term has evolved to mean literally anything that we can use to help make a certain aspect of our lives quicker, easier or sometimes both. Everyone loves a good gadget and it has become part of our nature to get excited when anticipating what the technology industry has in store for the future.
So what are the latest gadgets available to help us with our dental hygiene? This area of health has been under the spotlight recently due to the fact that there are worrying figures regarding how many people visit the dentist regularly and similarly alarming statistics surrounding the state of our children’s teeth.
Here are some interesting gadgets that either you or your dentist could use to make keeping your teeth clean much easier.

The Nano-Brush –

We are constantly being told that the food we eat throughout the day can cause harmful damage to our teeth and that simply brushing at night is not the most effective way to combat this. Well the Nano brush looks to find a better way of resolving this problem and so provides a portable way to remove plaque and nasty stains from your pearly whites. The brush can be carried around at the owner’s convenience and only requires a quick application of water for it to work. It’s a great way to stop food such as coffee, tea and red wine from having a lasting effect on your teeth.

The Dental Button –

The dental button is not something you would have at home but could come in pretty handy for the large per cent of the population who are scared of the dentist. Dentophobia is one of the leading reasons why people don’t make regular trips to their dentist and so if we can combat this then the nation’s oral hygiene is sure to receive a big boost. The dental button is installed next to the dentist chair and is placed in the hand of the patient whilst any work is being carried out.
They can then push the button if they feel uncomfortable and the machines are immediately switched off and are not reactivated until the green light is given by the patient.

The Evolved Electric Toothbrush –

Electric toothbrushes have been around for years but up until recently they have done little more than just take the effort away from cleaning your teeth. The latest electric toothbrushes however are fitted with technology that can tell us much more about our teeth cleaning habits. The toothbrush can time how long you are cleaning for, tell you when to change the head and, in the future, could even inform your dentist when you need a check-up.

The Dental Wand –

The dental wand is yet another way that dentists can improve their treatment so that patients feel more comfortable in that often dreaded chair. Many people who have had injections in the past are reluctant to sanction work that involves them again because it can often sting when the anaesthetic is pushed out of the syringe. However the dental wand allows this part of the process to be done by a computer so that it is administered steadily and without pain. The needle is then situated within a pen-like device which gives the dentist a lot more control when carrying out the injection.

The Smart-Tooth Sensor –

This one may be a few years off yet but is definitely in the pipe line. Wearable tech has become the latest fashion accessory as Apple and Samsung unveil smart watches, many companies have put sound into earmuffs and beanie hats and Google prepares to unleash Google Glass on us all. The Smart-Tooth Sensor is merely the next stage and has a medical function as well as a practical one.
It can be attached to a tooth (or possible installed within dentures) and will monitor how much someone eats (by counting the chews), the state of their mouth and could potentially send messages to your dentist detailing your eating habits.

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