It Is 2012 – Year Of The Cyborg Boiler

The first time I heard about the combi boiler my brows knitted as I thought of a cyborg straight out of a robot flick. I have never been a very technical person, yet technology has always fascinated me and I’ve tried to stay up-to-date with technological advancements and enhancements.
My science fiction fascination has always been tweaked by new gadgets technology and intelligent ways to make our lives easier. I remember placing a bet with a friend when I was 7 years old that I would make a functioning robot by the time I was 50. I am 32 now and in 18 years I reckon I will just have to tell a robot to make a robot to get the job done.
The bet is safe in my eyes. The combi boiler is clever; but not that clever.
When I looked into how the combi boiler works I found out that it was simply a water heater that acts as the house’s main heating system as well as the water heater, isn’t that what all boilers do? Sp why give it a special name?
To boil or not to boil?
Ah, the advantages of having one.  I’ve read several brochures with all the fancy lay-outs and prints but in very simple terms, this is what you can expect to get from a combi boiler.
1.  It simply heats up water both for your taps and for your heating system to the specific temperature of water that you want for your bath or just the plain simple hot water from the tap.
2. It is compact and doesn’t take too much space. This makes it perfect for even small flats; like mine.
3. It automatically adjusts to the current climate and conditions so that it can heat your water to a temperature that is appropriate
4.  Unlike the days of old when you had to wait a long time for your water to heat up, the combi boiler heats up water instantly, so you can enjoy your bath right away without having to wait.
5.  It is a big energy and water saver because you get hot water on demand. It works when you turn on the tap so no energy is wasted heating up water that isn’t being used, and no water is wasted while waiting for the cool water to heat up; as in traditional heaters.
Hot or what?
Of course, with all the advantages that come with the combi boiler, there is also one peculiar disadvantage. If everyone in a household opens all the faucets at the same time, not everyone will be able to get hot water because it won’t be able to heat up all the water required quickly  enough.
But then again, what is the likelihood of an entire household deciding to bathe at the exact same time.
In any case, we’re still far from my wondrous vision of the future, but this machine helps me loads in getting great steaming hot water without any wastage. It also means that if I want a bath after my kids there is hot water, no matter how full they fill their baths.
I’d love to hear your thoughts on the best combi boiler set ups…
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Phil Turner thinks that combi boilers are the way of the future and would get one himself if he had gas.