Natural Pest Control Without The Need For Chemicals

Natural Pest Control Without The Need For Chemicals

There are good reasons to avoid the use of chemicals to protect a home from pests. Science has proven that health suffers if you resort to using pesticides. Here are some natural steps you can use for effective pest control.

Close the Pathways Pests Take

Regardless of which pests you face blocking their entry points is key. For smaller pests using caulk made out of silicone to seal any cracks or spaces that pests might use to enter your home.

For larger pests, like rodents or racoons, use tough steel wood to fill suspected entry holes. Before placing the steel wool, tack a wire mesh on the inside of the hole. After the steel wool is placed cover the outside with a double layer of wire mesh.

Use Barriers Water

If insects target your pet food bowls first eliminate all traces of insects from the home. Then clean all floors and counter tops well with soapy, hot water. Place the bowl of pet food in a shallow pan of very soapy water.

Cleanliness is Your Best Weapon

Food crumbs on floors,and counter tops, are a magnet that attracts pests. The cleaner your floors and counters are the fewer pests will try to get into your home.

In Your Garden and Lawn

Make sure there are no places or containers where water can stand or accumulate. This is the only pesticide way to get rid of mosquitoes. For keeping pests away from vegetable and fruit plants plant companion plants that are beneficial in fighting pests, marigold for example.

If the above ideas don’t help your situation, check with your local agricultural office or station. They will have information and ideas on how to make your own homemade pesticides that are not harmful to the health of your family. As an example you can make a spray solution using neem oil. This works well even around children and pets. If you end up using any type of pesticide it is imperative you wash all garden produce extra well before using and wash your hands every time after handling.

– Another thing that helps fight pests, like snails and slugs is, of all things, beer. Poor old beer into your compost pile to drive snails and slugs away. A little beer left in a bottle will attract and trap flies and often roaches.

– If you find an ant’s nest get rid of them by finding and killing the queen. If your weather forecast predicts rain, spread grits on the ground around the ant hill. The worker ants will take the wet grits to the queen, which will kill her.

– Make sure all your trash, compost and recycle bins have good tops that don’t blow open. Whenever possible wash and clean those type of bins.

These are the natural pest control steps we use to keep our homes and property as naturally free of pests as possible.

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