Why Is Health And Safety So Important In The Work Place?

To get the best work from a workforce then they have to be motivated and one of the best ways to motivate your workforce is to make sure that they’re happy and safe. You may not think that the two are even slightly related but if they don’t feel safe then they won’t work to their highest capacity because a lot of their thoughts and actions will be going into trying to make themselves safe; whereas if they are safe and happy then they will be completely focused on their work.
Health and safety in the workplace is the responsibility of the employer and the manager in charge. Health and safety basically means that employees must be trained and taught about how to deal with any risks that they may come across while at work. Employers and managers must put together safety programmes and implement them within the company. Insurance schemes and safety policies help to cover the employees for any accidents that they could suffer at work. If they have to travel long distances for a job or they have to stay there overnight then these risks should also be covered.
The training that employees should have should make them aware of any direct risks that may affect them every day as well as how to deal with them.  They should also be taught how to deal with risks that may not be commonplace in the workplace, such as fires or chemical spills. The employer should always put the safety of its employees first and provide the required safety equipment that they may need, such as dust masks, eye protection etc. The employees should also be told if they are required to wear any specific safety clothing that is personal to them, such as steel toe capped boots. Many companies – in order to avoid accidents and law suits – won’t let their employees work if they turn up without the appropriate safety wear.
Nowadays on the formation of any company, the health and safety guidelines of the company should have already been established and put into place before any workers are employed. Any companies that existed before the tightening of health and safety laws should also have relevant procedures in place. Health and safety is an on-going thing and this is something that should be taken into account if you are a manager or owner of a company. You should regularly update your company’s health and safety guidelines and have extra training of your employees are going to be faced with new risks.
This article was written by health and safety trainer John Evans who believes that every company should have access to spill kits in case of an emergency.