Learn How To Take The Right Dosage Of Turmeric Curcumin With Black Pepper


You’ve probably heard about the amazing benefits of curcumin with black pepper. Turmeric, the herb that is known for its spice and yellow color has a long history of being used for medicinal purposes. From helping to prevent heart attack to lowering bad cholesterol levels, curcumin that is the active component present in turmeric has a wealth of benefits. But to enjoy all the benefits of turmeric with black pepper capsules, you need to be sure you are taking it the right way.

Understand the Condition you are Treating

When turmeric is being taken to treat a specific health condition, the required doses may be higher. For instance, an average adult should only take 1.5 grams of turmeric daily. This can be taken at once by mixing a teaspoon of turmeric with coconut oil or olive oil and hot water. You may also split it up into three or two smaller doses and take it throughout the day. However, this dosage may increase to 2-3 grams if treating a condition like arthritis.

How to Boost the Effectiveness of Turmeric

You may be taking the right doses of turmeric but not getting the health benefits because most of it is not absorbed where it is needed. The curcumin in the turmeric powder is only available in very low quantities. For this reason, consider investing in the best turmeric pills especially if you want to address symptoms like pain caused by arthritis.

Most turmeric pills and capsules are mixed with a substance known as Bioperine that is found in black pepper. This helps to boost the effectiveness of turmeric by up to 2000 percent. If your turmeric supplements do not contain Bioperine, consider adding 1/8 teaspoon of black pepper to boost absorption. Consume the turmeric with some form of fat (since curcumin is fat soluble) to help in absorption. You may even mix the turmeric with a beverage that contains fat like milk but avoids taking this on an empty stomach since it may cause nausea.

Watch Out for the Risk

When taking therapeutic doses of turmeric, make sure you only use them for a short period which it was intended. Consult a physician or herbalist in case you have any concerns in the dosage or drug interactions that the supplement may have. When taking the recommended therapeutic dose, do not mix turmeric with other herbs or drugs.