Social Media Strategies In 2013

While most of the people in charge of marketing of small and large companies already have their strategies list for this year, it is likely that some are still mulling over it. Here are some tips you will not want to forget when designing your strategy for digital marketing.

Social networks go beyond marketing and therefore include the entire organization when planning and implementing those plans, not just the area manager. Yes, because the participation of each of the members of the company’s internal community is also essential. Their opinion is often very valuable because it represents the common citizen entering daily to social networks.

Filter the information

Not everything is important. Look for the most current and relevant information for your social profile.

Dynamic Analysis

Social Networking Meets B2B Marketing

Dynamic analysis must take precedence over static strategy. There are excellent tools to measure at your disposal, so there is no reason to maintain a static strategy. Flexibility in social networks is an important advantage.


The interest in the video is constantly increasing and that includes customers. They are interested to see the performance of the products they will buy on video. At least in the U.S., 57% of consumers feel that a video gives them confidence to purchase so it is an important factor to consider.

User Experience

Forget SEO and focus your interest in the experience of the user. The content, form and substance are very important. It is best to research keywords that are mostly used in keyword searches that are in line with your business.

Develop a Content Plan

establish what goals you want to achieve with your social marketing strategies and what the audience will it target. You need to determine whether to publish posts, tweets or videos, and what content to include in them to communicate your company’s message.

Find out how to switch users

It is essential for you to know the process that will convert visitors to your page on Facebook or Twitter into paying customers. To do this, the key is successfully connecting all platforms.

Call for participation

A company’s marketing mission is to promote action and interaction of users with your brand and content. This will convert visitors into fans. Ask them to subscribe to your newsletter or offer a free trial for people to try the product.

Answer the questions

Benefit from social networks to provide real-time information to reduce the barriers between business and consumer. Answer questions, listen to complaints and inquiries and provide the ability to leave all comments will transform their user’s satisfied consumers. For example, Twitter is perfect for dealing with customer service queries.

Do not forget that social media is a part of the marketing strategy of your company. Having one social media platform alone will not yield any customers. So remember to combine them properly. Above all, remember that measuring the outcomes is vital. Information is power for you and your business.

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