Kitchen Flooring Doesn't Have To Be Boring

Your kitchen is the heart of your home where you probably spend much of your time. Your kitchen flooring needs to be durable and attractive so choosing the right materials is an important decision – This article will help you make the right choice:

Rubber Flooring

A warm, safe and hygienic solution is offered by rubber flooring. The flooring comes in a selection of colours which can compliment your kitchen units. The rubber offers good protection from spills and mess and is easy to clean. It is hard-wearing and long-lasting. It can come with rubber studs or a smooth finish and offers a good-looking alternative to more conventional forms of flooring.

Rubber Floor Tiles

Rubber flooring can also be offered as floor tiles which interlock. This enables the customer to cover unusual shaped rooms. The tiles are also available in different colours and offer easy cleaning and washing. Rubber floor tiles are available in marble and slate effect to offer a luxurious look for your kitchen that is easy to maintain.

Vinyl Flooring

An economical way to put new flooring in your kitchen is vinyl flooring. Vinyl comes in different colours and offers a textured finish to avoid accidents on a slippery surface. Vinyl is easy to lay and keep clean. It can be susceptible to heat and sharp objects.

Vinyl Floor Tiles

If you have a difficult area to cover or an unusually shaped room, then vinyl floor tiles could be the answer. These offer easy fitting and can be shaped to cover any odd-shaped corners. Equally easy to keep clean as vinyl on a roll, the floor tiles are warm to walk on. Vinyl floor tiles are available in a non-slip texture.
Keeping vinyl clean is very easy: just sweep before mopping over with water and detergent. Allow your flooring to dry as it can be slippery when wet.

Linoleum Flooring

Made from natural products, linoleum is also easy to clean and disinfect and it offers some ability to cushion dropped objects which may prevent them from shattering. It usually comes on a roll and is cut to fit. The flooring is coated with acrylic to seal it after fitting and again on an annual basis.

Ceramic tile flooring

Ceramic tiles come in a selection of different colours which can be matched to your kitchen units. The tiles are hard-wearing and easy to keep clean but they can be unforgiving if a favourite dish is dropped. Ceramic tiles have to be cut to fit round unusual shaped rooms and can crack if the floor underneath is not accurately even.

Laminate flooring

A good alternative to wood flooring is laminate which is easily cleaned. Laminate offers a cost-effective way to update your kitchen flooring. The laminate can be matched to your kitchen unit colours and offers a softer surface should you drop a dish. It is also warmer underfoot than ceramic flooring.

Wood flooring

Real wood flooring looks beautiful and can enhance your kitchen. Wood flooring can be damaged by sharp objects or by heat, but it can be re-sanded and re-varnished to look as good as new. Wood flooring is expensive to install, but it can last a lifetime. It is important to ensure that wood for your new kitchen floor is being used in a sustainable way.

Bamboo flooring

Bamboo can be an eco-friendly type of kitchen flooring which offers the beauty of wood but it is made from bamboo grass which is quickly grown and therefore very sustainable. Bamboo offers similar disadvantages and advantages to wood: it offers warmth and will complement your kitchen units beautifully, but it can also mark easily and may need its protection renewing.

Rugs and Mats

Protection for your kitchen flooring can be improved by choosing rugs and mats which will help trap dirt and protect your floor. Choose coir doormats which will keep the mud outside, or small mats for their dirt trapping qualities which are also designed to look good. Protecting your kitchen flooring using rugs and mats can help keep the surface looking like new for longer.

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