Seven Mightily Impressive Lego Builds That Would Require A Lot Of Patience

As a kid, I’m sure that at one time or another you would have enjoyed the pastime of building with Lego.
Trouble is, it was genuinely time consuming if you wanted to make something noteworthy – and that’s if you had the patience to construct it before smashing it to pieces.
However, not everyone stops playing with their Lego as they enter their teen years. In fact, some even develop a rather (perhaps unhealthy) obsession with developing large articulated Lego structures that often represent real life counterparts.
Here, for your viewing pleasure (as the end result is always better than the building itself), are seven mightily impressive Lego structures that you couldn’t be bothered to make.
The world’s tallest Lego building
Standing at just over 94ft, this pirate ship mast – built in 2007 – is believed to be the tallest ever structure made with Lego. Thankfully, this wasn’t a one man job with visitors to California’s Legoland helping to build the 465,000 block strong tower. I hope nobody knocked it over!
A Lego car
This next Lego structure appears to be a life size copy of a Volvo SUV. Those people in California must be busy because this was built there too. While certainly impressive, I’m not totally sure you can drive this car – which is a little bit of a disappointment – despite the genuine tyres!

Lego dragon
You’ll be glad to know this Lego build wasn’t constructed in California but Florida instead. Having said that, this dragon looks deceptively like the mythical Scottish creature, the Loch Ness Monster.

Lego football arena
Ok, so this isn’t life size like some of the builds on this list (and let’s face it that would be pretty difficult with this one), but nevertheless this football stadia replica is still worth taking a look at – for its sheer likeness to its genuine counterpart if nothing else. The Allianz Arena is the home of German football team Bayern Munich but this model was shown off in Berlin.

Lego table
In terms of design, this is perhaps one of the more straight forward Lego constructions to make. Consisting of over 22,000 pieces of Lego, the surface is given a finish with a 10mm sheet of toughened glass – possibly making the fact it’s made out of Lego a bit pointless.

Lego shoes
I’m not sure these shoes are particularly practical. It would certainly be difficult to move around in them without them breaking into pieces. I imagine they wouldn’t be too comfortable either.

An actual house!?
I thought I’d leave the best and most impressive Lego structure to last. An actual full-scale house made of Lego. Wow, I know.
The building incorporates over £3m blocks of Lego and includes homely luxuries such as a working toilet, hot shower and a bed – all constructed with Lego! Madness!

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