How To Ace Corporate Events On A Bus

How To Ace Corporate Events On A Bus

Being part of corporate community is very important and spending time to build teams and be happy together outside of work is essential to strengthening team spirit. Corporate events can help companies bring people together and help them have fun outside of the workplace. There are many corporate events that you can choose from, and it is important to take the needs of workers into consideration.

Choose for everyone. Many times, bosses overlook the needs of their employees. They put their own needs ahead of everyone else’s. For example, if the boss likes classic music, it doesn’t mean that the corporate event should be a trip to the philharmonic. A corporate event should bring people together, be an outlet of good energy and help people relax and take their minds off work for a while. It should unite them, as opposed to set them apart and make them argue over nothing. So when you choose corporate events, it is important to take the needs of everyone into consideration. Try to choose something that is either neutral or that everyone would like. When they are on a bus thank them for being there and let them know how special the trip is for you.

Feed them. People can get tired and grouchy during the work week so when they go to a corporate event they want to have fun, including with good food and possibly drinks. But food is imperative – it also shows that all those efforts are not spent in vain and that they can taste and see the fruits of their labor at the event. Have snack n the bus for people – it is a nice touch to have crisps and nuts so that they are not too hungry before the event starts.

Show them appreciation. You can take the time out on a bus to use the P/A system and microphone to talk a little about the accomplishments that were achieved and maybe say something nice about every person to create a positive mood for the trip. This is all about motivating people to be the best they can be and bring their best foot forward every day, despite of how tried they may be. This can give them new wind to overcome obstacles and achieve much more in the future. Giving gifts or certificates of appreciation may be a nice
way to thank the people you value the most.

Talk of the future. People like to now where they are going so you can take the time on a bus to hand out the next five years places to your employees so they can see what they are working so hard for and what may come out of their efforts.

Creating any corporate event takes some effort on the part of the organizer, and it needs to be done well. In order to make everyone happy draw a plan of the event and see how you can make it more inviting.

Mike Sergeev for with the assistance from Brooklyn charter bus company.