IPad Application Review – Givit 3.0

The competition in the digital world has provided the end user with the best opportunity to enjoy good staff as the technology upgrades.
The iPad which is an apple product has not been left behind and has the best applications that you will find nowhere else.
One of the recent iPad applications that I like most is the Video Sharing application.

First Release

The video sharing application was released first in October 2012 well known aGivit 3.0s .
It is a free application allowing the user to share videos on iPad.
This application enables the user to assemble videos in an iPad.
It also allows the user to shoot brand new videos, edit and
enrich them with more entertaining aspects making them worth sharing with his / her friends.
This application has recently been upgraded to Givit 3.1, a version that offers something more entertaining and interesting.

First Upgrading

The video sharing application Givit 3.0 was upgraded to Givit 3.1 in March this year which allows the users to create personal profiles with their Givit handle.
Givit 3.1 came with it several brand new features which include explore tab, custom thumbnail support and re-sharing features.

New Explore Feature

The explore feature allows you to view all the featured people and also the tags that you would like to have as well as the flow of the featured people and the tags as they flow in.

Custom Thumbnail Feature

This feature was added to allow the user to pick a thumbnail and have it serve as the preview of his/her video.
The thumbnail will make the video attractive and interesting so as to allow other Givit users to have that urge to play the video and re-share it with the his or her network of friends and colleagues.

Re-sharing Feature

This feature allows the iPad user to share a video which initially had been shared with him/her by another person.
The user shares it with another third party on social sites like facebook, twitter, u-tube, Pinterest and many others.
The application Givit 3.1 has also upgraded the user profile status with clickable tags and usernames, new video notifications, video duration and play counts as well as an add clip button.
The application has no limit on the number of videos that the user can combine and share with friends and family especially when he or she is far away from them.
It is the most interesting application that I find fun working with especially when I am on vacation and I need to keep those who are close to me updated.
The video sharing application on iPad is one of many applications that one can enjoy using especially due to the fact that one can use it for free and
it has no limit on the number of videos a user can share or even a limit on the number of people or sites one can share with.
It is interesting and offer fun to everyone who owns an iPad and has ample access to the internet.
As you enjoy other available applications provided by apple on the iPad don’t forget the fun in the reviewed video editing and sharing application.
Written by a Jefry, designer and tech blogger, who is interested in Google products and MotoCMS HTML templates