Looking Good, Feeling Good

Whilst some people feel that it is vain to pay much attention to the way that we look, psychologists have noted that the way that we look often determines the way that we feel.
It is probably no coincidence that the ‘emo’ look amongst teenagers is designed to reflect their introspectiveness for example.
Whilst most of us will not go to those extremes,
there are correlations in the way that we dress to the way that we feel about ourselves, for example.
If we are feeling like the world is getting on top of us then we are more likely to go for the greys and
browns in our wardrobe, almost as though we are wanting to let the world know how we are feeling today.
Doing this however, only adds to our ‘glum’ feeling so if this is the case, then the reverse is surely true.
If we dress in brighter colours that are uplifting then, even though it won’t happen instantly,
surely these brighter colors must cheer us up and change our outlook for the day.

Our appearance of course goes much further than what we choose to wear.
A change in hairstyle can radically alter and improve our appearance as can, for example having our teeth whitened.
To feel really good though, we need to look inwardly. However we look on the outside, if, inside, our body is wheezing and
groaning as we go, then a change of outfit isn’t likely to make enough difference to the way that we feel.
There is nothing for it but to take the plunge and change old habits.
The time has come to ditch the cake and chocolate and to increase the amount of fruit and vegetables in our diet to ensure that we get enough vitamins and minerals to keep our bodies in good condition and our skin looking great too.
In fact, increasing our fruit and veg intake also releases free radicals which are thought to prevent cancer cells from being active.
Once we have put in the initial effort and overcome our reluctance to exercise too,
we will find that our whole outlook changes; no longer does everything seem like too much effort and instead of digging out the same old clothes,
we are likely to find ourselves heading to the high street with a spring in our step to update put wardrobe with brighter and more cheerful colours.
With new clothes and hairstyle, you would think that we had done all that we can to look and feel good but no, our teeth are often a giveaway and however bright and cheerfully we dress,
if our teeth are crooked and stained, it sort of defeats the object and can really have a negative impact on the way that we feel.
Thankfully, cosmetic dentistry is now becoming increasingly widely available and affordable with many cosmetic dentists offering dental plans too to help to spread the payment.
Some treatments such as a tooth whitening are quick and painless and can have immediate impact on the way that your teeth look.
This is usually all that is needed with most people to get their teeth looking better although veneers are also available for those whose teeth are badly stained.
With your new clothes, hairstyle and a big white smile, you will soon find that your spirits lift and you can enjoy the day ahead instead of doing your best to avoid it.
After the death of her long standing pet, the author Tina Clarkson sank into a mild depression.
Finding it hard to lift her spirits she finally took a friend’s advice and bought some brighter clothes and had her teeth whitened in Derby where she lives.
Although sceptical, she has been pleased to find that she now looks forward to each day that comes.