Quick Office Recipe Ideas

Working in an office environment comes with its advantages and one of those is that you probably have a decent kitchen where you can use the microwave and kettle during your lunch break.
Office Kitchen
So many people head off to the local take away during lunch, this can add up to a good sum of money over a couple of months, it’s a healthier and cheaper idea to take food with you to the office that you can just heat up in the microwave within minutes and still make the most of your hour (if only) lunch break.
Do you remember when oats was a time consuming breakfast to make, you would boil it in a pot, stirring it constantly. Oats offer many great vitamins and minerals and are a fantastic option for breakfast.
These days you can buy instant oats in a plastic container and by adding boiling water from the kettle you have the perfect breakfast on the go.
Once winter arrives, it’s cold and wet and something warm that can keep you going the rest of the afternoon is a must. Soup is a wonderful and healthy choice for lunch.
If you have made soup at home, pop some in a plastic container that you can put in the microwave at work to heat up.
Keep packet soup in your drawer which enables you to just boil the kettle, add the packet contents and give it a good stir every time you feel the need for warmth.
There are many other soup options, those that come in their own plastic container, you still add boiling water from the kettle within minutes you have a hearty soup that is a meal on it’s own.
Pop Them In the Microwave

Microwave Timer
If you’ve had lasagne, pasta or even roast chicken for dinner last night, you can pop any leftovers into a plastic container which can be heated in the microwave within minutes.
Food cooked at home is always a healthier option than the cheese burger from the corner take away and when working in an office environment you want a hearty meal that fuels your brain and enables you to continue concentrating through the rest of the day.
Any leftover meals whether it’s a delicious casserole, macaroni and cheese or lasagne are fantastic quick and easy ideas to eat in the office.
It may sound obvious, but you don’t have to have the boring sandwich of ham and cheese or cheese and onion. Use whatever is in your fridge at home to make a fantastic deli type sandwich.
Use leftover chicken, salad and dressing to make a scrumptious sandwich which you can eat while you drink your soup which was made using the kettle in less than two minutes.
Salad Box
Salads are not only a healthy office lunch idea but because you’re probably sitting at a desk for extended periods they are the best choice, helping you control your weight while enjoying the great taste and vitamins a salad has to offer.
Take a tin of tuna to work with you and pop your salad dressing in your bag, when you pull your salad out you can top it with tuna, drizzle on your salad dressing and you have a complete meal without the need of a microwave or oven.
Salads are a quick and easy choice for the office; you can nibble at your desk or move to the office kitchen to eat during your lunch break.
Always take some sort of fruit with you to work which you can have during your tea break to get you through until lunch time.

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