5 Books That Could Be The New 50 Shades Of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey got everyone talking, that much is certain. Many critics and readers alike viewed it as poorly written tat. Others praised it for catapulting kinky sex into the mainstream and getting female readers to explore their sexuality more.
Either way, the buzz has died down for now (at least until the movie comes out…), so erotic fiction readers will need some new material to while away the time.
Here are the top 5 successors of the nations’ favourite saucy franchise.
12 Shades Of Surrender
Mills & Boon have tried to beat 50 Shades at its own game by releasing a series of naughty books, with names such as ‘Under His Hand’.
They claim to be sinful, but can they beat the original? Clearly, they’re attempting to go beyond their usual brand of predictable romance by exploring themes of power.
The Crossfire Trilogy
Why not read some Sylvia Day? The three books in this series focus on one good-looking couple who are in the midst of an intense, lustful relationship that ends up having a detrimental effect on all concerned.
Also, for 50 shades fans, the front covers of the books are reassuringly familiar, with similar imagery and colour schemes.
The Bride Stripped Bare
The title says it all! A newlywed woman finds out a secret about her husband, sending her on a journey of discovery and escape. Sexy and moving, it is already a hit with readers.
The Tattooist
A very intriguing premise: Three women are drawn into relationships with a tattooist. Louise Black’s book is dark and deliciously different. It is also well told, with a slick narrative and an edgy portrayal of dominance.
The Story Of O By Pauline Reage
This French novel by Pauline Reage isn’t new; it first came out in the 1950’s. However, it has been given a new lease of life, and those discovering it for the first time are becoming hooked.
This classic is intense and shocking. It follows a young woman who finds herself as a sexual slave for a group of powerful men. It is her job to meet their every desire… intriguing.
Some may argue that these books are trashy, but there is no denying that the erotic genre is having a renaissance, and we all seem to be jumping on board! Perfect for women who would rather curl up with a book and fantasize than grapple with huge dildos in real life, pornographic novels are here to stay!
Do you have any saucy favourites you’d like to share?

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Naomi Anderson Whittaker is a student (and avid reader of all kinds of fiction) from Leeds. She writes for Adult Toys UK.