Simple Things You Can Do To Lose Weight

Simple Things You Can Do To Lose Weight

Staying slim and fit can be quite a challenge for anybody. In the modern world, all we do is sit down at work, get home, eat, and then sleep. It is understandable that the abundance of food and diminished need for physical work we have today leads to higher rates of obesity. The thing is, many people want to lose their weight but find it extremely difficult. People have made fortunes off selling books offering guidance on how to lose weight quickly. While those books definitely have truth to them, you don’t really need to read 300 pages to figure it all out. What you need is some willpower and the quick tips listed here.

Make a Food Diary

Get serious, make a food diary which lists the things you will eat within the next, say, week or so. Studies from the University of North Carolina conclude that people who maintain a food journal will eat 15% less food than those who don’t. It’s kind of like budgeting but in reverse and in calories rather than dollars. Your journal will help you stick to a strict diet and avoid impulse eating because you already have a very clear and definite plan set in place.

Drink water

Stop drinking soda pop or any kind of sugar water for that matter. These beverages contain a whole lot of calories which you should not be consuming if you are trying to lose weight. Drink water instead, it is clean, lean, and very hydrating. Sure, in the morning you may have a nice glass of OJ, but don’t drink multiple cans of soda throughout the rest of the day. On average, Americans consume 245 calories a day just due to soda, eliminate that altogether and you will do well.

Keep yourself Busy

Keep yourself busy. Aside from doing physical exercise, it is important to do things around the house as it will keep your mind off of food and will burn calories at the same time. It is not only unhealthy to sit around for multiple hours of the day, but it has been shown that you will snack more in front of the T.V. or computer. Doing the laundry, keeping your house clean, washing your car, etc. will not only help you stay away from snacks but it will also burn calories, keep you motivated, and will be productive.

Only Eat when you are Hungry

Many of us have a sort of impulsion to grab food whenever we feel stressed. It’s true that food does help us feel good under stress, but that’s the mentality which can lead to severe obesity. Only eat when you are hungry, and stop eating when you are full. Sounds pretty simple right? For many people – perhaps you included – eating is a habit. Take notice of your habit and stick to how nature intended us to eat – only when we’re hungry.

Get yourself Healthy for a Higher Cause

Finally, it is very beneficial to get yourself healthy for a higher cause. Many of us aren’t all too motivated by the abstract concept of getting healthy. But think about how you will be able to stay around longer for your children, your spouse/significant other, and your family as a whole. Otherwise, think about how much easier and enjoyable life will be in a practical sense.

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