Must-Have Softwares For Windows

Windows 8.1 has been a hit, and people are starting to like it. However, if you have recently upgraded to 8.1 or have bought a new PC or have formatted your PC, you need to install software programs to make your experience enjoyable.

Some of the necessary software programs are noted below.

Must-Have Softwares For Windows


An antivirus program is a must-have because it helps in detecting, preventing, repairing and removing malicious programs, viruses and worms from one’s PC. It helps in safeguarding your system and keeping it clean.

So, investing in an antivirus is good. If you are not sure which one is best for you, there are trial versions that should help you decide whether your selected antivirus is good for you or not.

Planning to Buy One?

You can buy it online at With a number of options available at, you can choose the one you like. There are flash deals and exclusive offers available at the store that should help you get the best deal on your purchases.

If it is still out of budget, you can use coupons and save more while you should. Get the best deals and offers by choosing coupons that can be clubbed with existing offers and deals available on the store.

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Media Player

Well, the stock media player is good, but it does not play the video in a number of formats. So, you should download a decent media player that is not as irritating as the stock media player.

VLC media player is one option that should be on your mind. It supports all formats, well almost!

So, download it and enjoy your favorite videos, irrespective of the format it is stored in.

Image/ Disc Burner

We all know that one of the best image and Disc burning software available for PCs is Nero. So, download it.

Tweaking Software

If you are looking for software that can tweak and optimize the operating system, Ultimate Windows Tweaker is a decent option.

Tweaking software help in improving performance, security and operation.

Testing Software

If you have not bought an antivirus, you should look for a testing software that tests your apps before it is allowed to make permanent changes to your programs or data. If you are looking for such software, check out Sandboxie.

Recovery Software

If you accidently delete your files or documents and want to recover it, you need a recovery software. This is an important software because there have been cases when people abuse the ‘Shift+Del’ shortcut and accidently delete their important documents and files. If you are one of them, this should be on your mind.

PDF Viewer and Converter

Viewing PDF on your PC is important, but there are not many options. Adobe, of course, is the best option available here. However, if you are planning to convert your webpages into PDF, you need software like CutePDF. This is a small software that makes your working simpler.

Check it out.