Most Common Orthopedic Surgery Procedures

Most Common Orthopedic Surgery Procedures

Orthopedic surgery is the process of repairing bones in the musculoskeletal system of the human body. Orthopedic surgeons treat sports injuries, traumas to the muscles and bones, degenerative diseases, and infections. These injuries can be treated with both invasive and non-invasive procedures ranging from hours of surgery to physical therapy. There are five types of surgery that are the most common for orthopedic surgeons.

Knee Arthroscopy 

One of the major areas orthopedic surgeons repair most often is the knee. The knee is the major joint in the leg, which becomes inflamed and weakened due to the weight of the human body. The procedure is one of the most popular and easiest to perform because it is minimally invasive. A small cut is made near the problem so the surgical instruments can fit inside and repair the cartilage, bone and muscle. The procedure does not expose the entire joint during surgery and involves less cutting than traditional surgery. This means patients’ recovery time is much faster. 

Shoulder Decompression 

A shoulder decompression is the most common procedure to fix ailments involving the shoulder and the connective tissue, which affects the back, arms and hands. This procedure is minimally invasive and involves a small cut near the tear to fix the issue. Surgeons use a video monitor to make changes to the bone, muscle or cartilage and collect excess fluid. Shoulder decompressions are most common among athletes, especially those you use their arms and shoulders such as baseball players. 

Carpal Tunnel Release 

Carpal Tunnel is the inflammation of muscles and tendons in the wrist due to overuse. Carpal Tunnel is common among young adults because of an excess in writing or typing. Nerves in the hand become numb and happens on and off during the day and night. The procedure to fix this involves wearing splints and reducing hand use as much as possible. During surgery, the carpal ligament is cut and reattached to bring the sensation back into the wrist.

Removal Of Support Implant 

Many procedures in orthopedic surgery involve adding implants and supports to bones in order to repair them. Implants are inserted into areas such as the knee, leg, arm, foot, hand and back during surgery and then later taken out after bones and muscles have healed enough to function properly. This is one of the most common procedures because most orthopedic surgeries require an implant to assist with the healing process, and then need to be removed.

Bone Fractures 

Bone fractures are another major area or orthopedic surgeons to fix. These occur when the arms and legs connect with other objects at a fast pace or under extreme pressure. Bone fractures are also the result of bone diseases in the human body. Closed fractures happen when bones don’t break the skin and require implants to make them grow together correctly. Open fractures appear when bones break through the skin and must be placed back in the correct spot with metal implants and screws.

Orthopedic surgery is a major part of medical surgeries across the globe which is done by an orthopedic doctor. Bone fractures, knee Arthroscopy, shoulder decompression, and carpal tunnel release, and support implants are all very common and effective procedures. These surgeries are common for everyone from children to elderly adults.

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