6 Experiences To Strengthen Your Budding Relationship

Use one of these Bonding Experiences to Strengthen your Budding Relationship.

There are few events in our lives more exciting than a new love interest.
Sometimes, getting from love interest to relationship is a hard road to travel. Relationships need to develop friendship and trust if they are to survive beyond the infatuation stage.
Strengthen your budding relationship by building bonds of friendship and trust through these adventurous,
relaxing, geeky or just plain fun activities.

Let Off Some Steam

Letting off steam is a great way to bond. Most best friends can remember at least one time when they overindulged in fun together and paid for it in aches and pains the next day.
Develop the same sense of camaraderie with you love interest by having a night out where you can cut loose and just be yourselves.
Letting down your guard in this way puts you in a position of trusting each other not to judge.

Geek Out

There’s always at least one secret pleasure you have in common with another person,
whether it’s the fact that you actually like watching Glee or you’ve seen so much Star Trek that you speak Klingon.
Find each other’s secret pleasures and take time to revel in them. With any luck, you’ll find you have a shared secret pleasure to indulge in together.
When there’s only one other person you know who likes what you’re into, it makes the relationship that much more special.

Just Chill

Relaxing together is another way to build the bonds of friendship. Have a day lying on the beach or hanging out in the park.
One of the strongest marks of a good relationship is being able to relax together quietly, without speaking, and neither feels awkward.
Seek to build that special quality in your budding relationship.

Weekend Adrenaline Rush

You could take the opposite angle too. Instead of chilling, take your experience to the next level by doing something extreme that neither of you will ever forget.
Try a weekend of hot air ballooning, go skydiving, try hand gliding or go rock climbing. Find someplace spectacular and something daring to do there.
You’ll spend endless hours bonding while you talk about the rush, the view and the amazing experiences you shared.

Learn Together

Few experiences create stronger bonds than learning new things together. Brainstorm ideas about what you want to learn with your new love and sign up for a class.
Whether you learn to knit, speak French, paint pottery or dance, learning together is an enriching experience that you can build upon and share.

Get Lost in the Crowd

Festivals, concerts and other special events are highlights in many friendships. This makes them a great way to build the friendship with your new love interest.
Whether you love the same band, type of theatre performance or festival, getting lost in the crowd and
people watching together on the backdrop of a shared interest reminds you both of your common interests and feelings for each other.

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Jessica Bosari writes about sports and recreation for Southern Skydivers.