Accessorize Your Pool With Stained Concrete

There are so many choices out there for decking around your pool. All sorts of tiles and stones, and now even a rubber finish that’s completely nonslip. Among all those options is simple poured concrete, but it doesn’t have to be so plain anymore.

Poured concrete pool decking is becoming more common in all areas. Once upon a time concrete was considered low class and a budget option, but now with advances in techniques that make it easy to spruce up your concrete it’s is becoming a more popular option no matter what budget you are on. Concrete stains come in about 40 different colors from natural to vibrant, I wouldn’t suggest a rainbow, but it is definitely a possibility. Simple swirls in stained concrete can give it a wonderful surreal look once polished, for right around the pool you can go with a stained exposed aggregate finish that will be more slip-resistant. Add stamping to your concrete and you can go from a flat look to a natural stone of your choosing that will be durable and long lasting. Molded concrete coping for around the edge of your pool can be poured on site to the exact dimensions no matter the complexity and put straight on your pool. When concrete techniques like coloring and stamping are used in combination with natural stone and plant elements it creates a lovely and wholly natural feeling to the environment. Guests may never know that your flagstone stamped concrete is not real flagstone. Simple stained concrete also works perfectly to create an organic modern look when combined with almost any décor.

Simply Stained

Stained concrete may be the simplest concrete application that has the most impact. With around 40 colors to choose from you could go with a natural color to blend into the environment or go bold and chose a color to match or contrast your outdoor theme or to make a statement all on its own. Adding texture will make the otherwise smooth stained concrete safe around the pool by adding some slip resistance. The stain itself can be added to the concrete in various ways to create different effects. The color can be mixed directly into the concrete mixture, so the poured slab will already be colored. Once poured any desired texture or patterns would be created, and another layer of color can be added by using colored releasing agents. Once dry a colored sealant could also be used, adding another dimension of color. Depending on the colors and applications this could create just about any look you might want.

Concrete has long been the underdog of the surfacing world. Concrete floors were once relegated to Sam’s Club only, but concrete is more and more making its way into high class designs and gaining rapport as a legitimate flooring surface indoors and out. Concrete surfacing has so many applications that it can be used from driveway to pool decks and never look the same. Implementing Stained concrete pool deck has gained a lot of momentum in the construction industry and is gaining acceptance across the world as great way to spruce up your pool deck