Mobile VPN for Android

Internet Security on Android through VPNs:

The Android mobile operating platform is perhaps the only competitor brand that has managed to stand up against the iPhone and even succeed in carving a market for itself. It is estimated that an astounding 400 million android phones are activated every year, hence they really are very popular. Being smart phones means that they are used more for; gaming, internet browsing, and video streaming than they are used for calls and text messages.
With all this smartness and internet activity, they are also increasingly vulnerable to external penetration and hacking threats. This can be effectively minimized through the use of VPNs and they can even be used for gaining access to a host of other facilities as well; such as checking your mail(s) on your office’s intranet from a remote location, or anonymous browsing on the internet so your identity remains safe.

The Best Mobile VPNs on Android:

The Google Play Store alone contains in excess of 100 VPN apps that have been scrutinized and approved by Google, there are additional VPNs too which can be downloaded from 3rd party publishers. But while choosing the VPN which you think best, do consider the following:

  • The subscription price.
  • Overall performance and speed.
  • Security and anonymity while browsing.
  • Customer services and response systems.
  • The number of servers.

We’ve even compiled a list of some of the best VPN apps that we feel you’ll find most useful.

Express VPN:

This is a premium VPN app which currently ranks as our top contender in the VPN category. It costs a fair bit more than rival apps, but its services and the performance which it delivers is second to none. We can safely say that if you install Express VPN, all your troubles regarding online issues will be largely terminated.

Air VPN:

This is an Italian VPN app that is made available to users at a monthly price of $9, it has simple yet elegant user interface and has good performance to boot. Its affordable price makes it come 2nd on our list.


This VPN app is available in two payment plans, for $6.99 you get the basic app which contains all the standard features which you require for mainstream web browsing applications. The premium version costs a bit more; which is $10.49, still within comfortable limits and nowhere near as costly as Express VPN. It offers largely identical performance figures with an occasional issue or two. But excellent customer services mean such issues are quickly resolved.


This VPN is operated by a US based company and offers high-speed internet capabilities along with complete user anonymity. It is probably the best value for money VPN app in the market today, and it comes with a very user friendly VPN Client that also happens to be highly intuitive.


This is a Swedish company and it offers its basic package costing around $7 a month, which is affordable. It also has adequate performance figures and customer care department.
Author Bio:
The article is written by Maria Bennett who loves to describe the necessity of China VPN for internet users.