Advantages and Distinctive Features Of Corrugated Metal Roofing

Advantages and Distinctive Features Of Corrugated Metal Roofing

Today, industrial production in the sphere of building materials offers a wide range of roofing materials. But for the past years, corrugated metal sheet has been considered to be one of the most used coatings.

The roof made of metal is durable, extremely reliable, solid and aesthetic looking. Metal roofing is usually made of galvanized steel, zinc, aluminum or copper. Although, aluminum and copper coatings are relatively rare because of their high cost. Corrugated sheets made of galvanized steel are probably the most common roofing material today. They gained their popularity at the beginning of the suburban construction boom as they are much cheaper than metal or ceramic tile, but at the same time also quite reliable and presentable. With such characteristics corrugated sheets made of galvanized steel became a material for massive roof covering for thousands and thousands of residential houses and industrial buildings in the cities and their suburbs throughout the world. This sheet is characterized by easiness of installation and aesthetic look. Usually this roofing type is made of galvanized steel additionally coated with zinc or aluminum. Roofs of industrial buildings are usually coated with these types of sheets because of their high rigidity and strength. This coating does not require the presence of boardwalk. It can be laid on a wooden or steel grid and fastened with screws, bolts or hooks. Corrugated roofing is made in the form of sheets of standard width equal to 0.9-1.1 m and length equal to 1.25-3 m.

Zinc has a high reflective property, thereby preventing roof overheating in hot season. Disadvantages of using metal as roofing material, certainly, exist. It is probably a comparatively low sound insulation that allows you to hear a noise of hail or rain inside the house. However, sound of rain causes a feeling of inner peace and comfort to some house owners. But those, who do not like noise, can apply different heat and sound insulation materials. These materials will help to keep warm in the house in winter, and will preserve from overheating during hot summer weather. Zinc has no negative effects on environment and human health. This is confirmed by the use of this metal not only in manufacturing of materials for roof construction, but in tanks and pipes for drinking water.

Corrugated sheets have a wide range of operating temperature, making it an ideal solution for roof covering. This type of roofing is highly appreciated by professionals. Corrugated metal can be used for construction of roofs of a different configuration and purposes. Shiny surface of the roof made of galvanized sheet perfectly reflects sun rays, preventing overheating of the material and attic space.

Corrugated or extruded sheets are used for roof coating much more often than flat ones. One of the reasons is that they are attractive, as aesthetic appearance is achieved during the extrusion process. Nevertheless, the main advantage of a profiled sheet is their enhanced rigidity compared with the plane sheets, and hence higher resistance to deformation, and improved resistance to thermal extension. Service life of such roofs is more than 50 years, but, in the case of adverse environmental conditions, such as acid rain, there is possibility of accelerated corrosion. Paint formulations (special paints for metallic roofs) are applied to protect metal roofs from weather conditions.

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