America’s First Family

Wives have always been an important part of the lives of men and this applies not just to the ordinary men but even those who are at the top most position; we are talking about the US president. Wives have always been an important part of the US presidential election as they help in campaigning and garnering support as much as the candidates, themselves.
Here we are talking about Michelle Obama, the First Lady of the US who has been a constant support to President Barack Obama, also her husband. She is a popular figure among the Democrats and is a witty and warm person. Rising from a modest background to become a lawyer, Michelle Obama has created a place for herself in the White House.
Coming to the other presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, Ann his wife is more popular than her husband. Ann like Michelle too, rose from modest backgrounds, her grandfather being an illiterate miner before immigrating to Detroit.
The presidential elections in the US have achieved a status of show business. There are debates conducted, ads shown up and other activities pursued to hold the voter’s attention and this show business started in the 1960s with Richard Nixon and Jack Kennedy. While Nixon’s wife, Pat was old-fashioned and nervous, Jacqueline Bouvier, JFK’s wife was classy beauty and serene. Nixon did not look good on the television while JFK appeared like the King of Camelot.
In the earlier times, women emerged ahead mainly because of their dynasties and not because of their personal talents or abilities. However, times now have changed. More women are now achieving success because of their merits. We see more of the ladies entering politics because they want to enter the world of politics and take it up as a career.
However, with the US elections we once again see the dynastic principles, where the wives of the candidates are gaining an important position. There is no place for the bachelors or bachelorettes in the White House, as Americans get a First Family in the White House and not just the President.
Here one thing that can set you thinking is that would the scenario be the same if there was a woman candidate in the race for the President? Would her husband too be considered an equally vital figure as today’s wives are considered for their presidential-race-candidate husbands.
Hillary Clinton, as you can assume is the next strong contender to be the Democratic nominee for the Presidential elections in 2016. Whether she wins or not is yet to be seen but considering the importance of the spouse in the White House, Hillary sure has an ace consort.