Top Safety Tips For Your Garage Door

Top Safety Tips For Your Garage Door

Garage doors have changed a lot over the course of the past few decades and they are now safer, sturdier, and easier to operate as well. However, this doesn’t mean that they are not still dangerous objects you should be careful with!

Since, Garage Door Repair San Ramon cares a lot about your safety and the safety of your own family, we have put together some of the very best tips for using your door safely under all circumstances. While there may be other safety measures to take, these are some of the most important ones – so make sure to read on and find out more.


Children and animals are the most prone to suffer accidents due to a garage door that does not function properly. For this reason, you should never, ever leave your children without supervision near the garage door. Furthermore, never allow them to play in the area surrounding the door either. Explain to them this is dangerous and could get seriously hurt. As a result of children tending to be very curious, make sure that the activation and deactivation buttons on your door opener are far from their reach (if you have a wall-mounted opener, make sure it’s mounted much higher than your children can reach).


If you want to lower the odds of any kind of accident happening, absolutely make sure to inspect the garage door every month. Take a look at the spring, rollers, cables and pulleys, but remind yourself that it is not safe to watch them (electricity runs through some of these!). If you see something that is out of the ordinary, make sure to have it repaired by a professional and never attempt to do this on your own!

In addition, test the reversing mechanism once a month too. Place a 2 X 4 board on a roll of paper towels and allow the door to close on them. If the door does not revert when reaching the object, seriously consider having a repairman come over and fix the issue. This is one of the most dangerous things that can happen to garage doors!

Moreover, if you know your door has been manufactured before 1993, take into consideration the option of changing it completely. That was the year the legislation was changed that all garage doors started to be manufactured with a reverting automatic mechanism that makes them safer.

Other Safety Measures

Read the manufacturer’s guide before starting to use the garage door, even if you have had a similar door before this one as well. Furthermore, make sure to have a rolling code on the opener to avoid having your house broken into. Also, never leave the opener remote control or keyless pad in the car since a lot of robbers could use it to enter your house. Last, but definitely not least, never leave the doors partially open and de-connect the opener when leaving on vacation too!