Importance Of Using The WordPress 3+ User Guide

WordPress 3+ user Guide available in offers you a comprehensive guide that keeps your website updated all the time. It gives you guidance from the basic functions of updating the website to the advanced coding. The guide assists you in choosing the theme that is appropriate for your site up to the choice of the web host. The aim of the guide is to help you to make proper use of the tools provided so that you can keep your website updated. Here are the benefits that you gain from using the guide.

Choice of the Ideal Theme

The guide provides to you with the necessary help you need in selecting the right theme for your website. The guide for the user makes available a list of the themes from which you can choose. The themes are from a variety of fields. In this case you can choose the field that the content of your website is dealing with. They provide for the application within the field of business sites, video blogs, online magazines, small and medium businesses, software sites, photo blogs, corporate sites and traditional blogs. Therefore, whichever the field you are in, the guide gives you an opportunity as you can fit in as all fields are provided for.

Create an SEO Friendly Theme

This is a great boost for you especially if you are a beginner or you do not have the skills and knowledge in HTML. This means that you might not know how to formulate your theme hence making it SEO friendly. WordPress 3+ user Guide gives you an opportunity of having your theme cross checked by experts. When you have come up with your theme, you are given a chance to send it to them in order to make sure that it is SEO friendly. In this way you get the help that you would not get anywhere else.

Social Media Integration

Social media is a major tool in SEO for websites. When you come up with any blog materials with the aim of posting in your website for SEO, it is important to ensure that they can be integrated well in the social media. The theme you come up with need to be compatible with the social media services such that you can post in the twitter and facebook accounts that you have signed up with the link into your website. The guide assists you in coming up with themes that are interactive and stimulating such that when you post in the social media they will attract a multitude of users into your website.

Flexible Theme

When you formulate a theme for your website, it should be flexible enough to accommodate changes. The guide helps you to come up with the themes that you can change and make the necessary amendments on it to suit your requirements. This is very helpful to you as you can always adjust the theme to fit well in your website needs for better updates.

At  you are guided on how to make use of the tools provided in their site for the maximum benefits hence optimizing the search engines of your website in the best way possible.