Should I Hire Or Buy A Shipping Container?

If you are going to need to use a shipping container to move goods, then you may wonder whether you need to buy or hire one. This can be a difficult decision and there are things that are worth considering. You need to think about the cost mainly but also how often you will use it, where you will store it and the cost of any damage that happens to it.


Shipping containers can be much more expensive to buy than to hire. However, if you hire one often, then it could end up cheaper buying one. You will need to do some calculations to find out. Take a look at the cost of buying a shipping container first. Bear in mind that you can buy them new or second hand and the costs will obviously differ. You will then need to find out how much it costs to hire one. Think about how many times you would need to use the container that you bought in order to make a saving on the hire cost. Compare the cost of second hand and new as well as the comparison needs to be done with both. The cost may seem like that most important factor but there are other things to consider as well.

Frequency Of Use

It is important to consider how often you will use the shipping container. You may use it ten times, for example and it could work out cheaper to buy one, but that ten times may be only once a year and so it may be better to hire it. However, if you use it very frequently, then it may be better to buy one as it should offer better value for money.


It is important to consider that you will need to store the shipping container between uses. Whether this is a problem for you will depend on whether you have much available space.


It is also worth considering that if you hire a container and it gets damaged, then you will have paid insurance in the hire fee to cover it and it will not be a problem. If you get damage to a shipping container that you own, then you will have to cover the cost of it yourself.
Many people use shipping containers these days, both for transporting goods and for storing them. If you want to use one, then you will need to consider whether it will better for you to buy or hire one. If you are going to be using one for permanent basis, then you should better buy one. However, if you hire one it will be stored for you between uses and any damage costs will not have to be paid by you. You will need to do the maths and consider which of the options works out the best value for money. It can be a big decision and so it is worth taking a look at your options and comparing the costs between companies before you make up your mind. Renting out container in Perth is quite easy as you are not worried about any ownership issues or reselling it back and worrying about the depreciation.
Author Bio 
James Pallot is a buyer for a family owned food importing business in Sydney. He rents a container in Perth during holiday season when he brings more products in for selling.