How Often Should You Get Your Children's Teeth Cleaned?

How Often Should You Get Your Children's Teeth Cleaned?
It is surprising to know that tooth decay or the problem of cavities can occur to a baby who is not even a year old. Babies who are completely dependent on breast milk can even show signs of tooth decay. Experts say that cavity and gum problems are the highest in children. This is because though they go for a cleaning procedure every day it is not effective because many parents do not know the right routine for cleaning the teeth that they can teach to their children. Hence it is very important that the correct process of cleaning the teeth regularly should begin very early in age.

Choosing The Right Brush For Your Child

One of the mistakes that parents do is while choosing the brush for their children. There are separate toothbrushes ascertained for different age group. But as parents it is important to check whether the bristles are soft and gentle on the gums. Dentists suggest that soaking the bristles in warm water for a few minutes can actually make the bristles soft. The toothbrush should also be changed every 3 months.

Use Of Toothpaste

Brushing only with plain water till the age of two is the standard instruction by dentists. The reason behind this is the fact that children tend to swallow toothpastes while brushing. Toothpastes are basically fluoride based and permanent discolourisation of the teeth later may be caused if too much fluoride is consumed. For children, ask the dentist the right toothpaste to use on a regular basis. Give toothpaste in very less quantity when it is for children.

The Right Routine For Cleaning The Teeth

Make sure that the child’s teeth are being cleaned at least twice a day. One should be in the morning and another before resuming to bed. Make sure that the child brushes the teeth uninterruptedly for two minutes at least. A good amount of time should be invested in back molars as those are mostly prone to cavity attacks. Flossing should be included in the teeth cleaning regime once two teeth have grown one beside another. For children floss sticks can be used rather than using the regular string floss as they are easier to use on children. Make sure that flossing is done at least once everyday.

Children Learn By Examples

Till the age of six, parents help children for brushing or flossing the teeth. But after that they do it on your own. Make sure that these first six years is the learning phase for the child about healthy habits like the right way of brushing. Moreover children learn from examples. Watching a parent brushing can also help a child learn the right ways of brushing and cleaning the teeth.
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