How To Stop Your Dogs Unwanted Barking

If you have a dog that doesn’t bark you may seem to think what is the big issue with your dog barking? But imagine having your dog barking constantly in your home, it can become quite a nuisance. There may be a number of different reasons to why your dog is barking, and to stop him barking you first must find out the reason why he is doing it. Many people believe having your dog barking regularly is a good thing as it can act as a warning from oncoming attackers or burglars, but what about the rest of time when you are just trying to sit down and relax or just let a family friend into your home.

Reasons Why Your Dog Is Barking

There are a number of different reasons causing your dog to bark, however not all dogs will be barking for these reasons and it may be another under lying reason to why he is barking so regularly. Most common reasons causing your pet to bark is:

  • Alert Barking: Your dog will bark when he wants to alert you or give you a warning about something they have seen or heard that is unusual. An example of this is if your dog hears something outside near your home, he may want to alert you to this unusual behaviour.
  • Defensive Barking: Your dog may become nervous in some situations; if he does then he may start barking. This will usually happen if your dog is afraid of something or someone.
  • Attention Barking: If your dog isn’t getting any attention, then he may start barking to get your attention.
  • Frustration Barking: If your dog becomes stressed or angry in some sort of situation then he may start barking to attempt to protect himself.
  • Boredom Barking: If your dog is left alone for long hours of the day and he comes bored then he may start barking to amuse him.

Stop the Barking

The first thing which you should do to try and stop your dog from barking is by evaluating why he is barking. You can find out why he is barking by assessing the situation, you should be able to tell why he is barking by judging what is happening around you whilst he is barking. A good way to teach your dog to stop barking is by putting him in his dog bed and start stroking him, this will calm him down. You can also try and find out what the cause of him barking is and remove this from his life.
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