5 Tips to Always Stay Connected with your Prospects.

Have there been instances where you have observed that you missed a deal due to lack of rapport? Lack of follow-up? Lack of staying in touch with prospects/customers?

There are many of us who work in the sales team and have experienced this at least once in life. Trust and rapport is something that helps you in closing sales and this doesn’t happen overnight. That is why they say that you need to nurture leads. It might seem difficult however using smart technology, it has now become easy and fast. Like in clicks.

If you too have faced situations when you found it difficult to create that personal connection with a customer, have a look on these quick tips that are easy to use and effective at the same time:-

1] Send an email:-

Building rapport with prospects/customers is not an easy task. You have to be in constant touch with the contacts and often it is not possible to stay in touch with each and every lead or send a personalized email. However, times have changed, now you can send personalized emails to all your contacts using bulk email feature in a CRM. Send personalized bulk emails with custom email templates in one go. Plus you also get to track all the emails you send.

This helps you in many ways, you know which client is interested in your emails and you can take this communication ahead and build your rapport accordingly. Similarly, by sending personalized emails, your email also have high chances to get a good open rate. All this can be done without investing in other email marketing software.

2] Make a call:-

Making calls makes your connections better with prospects. You can directly understand the interest level of the client and pitch your offerings accordingly. Making a call also makes your decision making process fast. You can take necessary actions right when it is required.

All the communication that happens with clients is also recorded as a historical communication. So whenever you open the contact details next time, you know exactly what was your past conversation with the client and take it ahead accordingly.

3] Stay connected on social media:-

Social media is the biggest boon for today’s generation when it comes to building rapport or networking.  It is also the most easiest way to stay connected and stay updated about your prospects and customers.

Platforms like LinkedIn can help you stay professionally in touch with your contacts. In a few cases, you may also like connecting with prospects on Facebook and Twitter.

4] Send newsletters, subscribe to their newsletter:-

This is yet another very effective way to stay in touch with your customer. You can send valuable content that matters to your prospects and also subscribes to their newsletters. Possibilities of your sales team gaining prospects trust is only when they show interest in prospects business as well and subscribing to newsletters is one of them.

5] Make case studies:-

You can always write a case study on your customers (with their permission of course) and make them famous in one way.

Follow these effective tips and staying in touch with prospects/customers will no more be a task of hassles.


Abhishek Agrawal is the Founder & CEO at CompanyHub CRM. A technology lover and a writer who loves to give simple solutions on making sales teams lives easier. You can get in touch with him on Linkedin