Wind Of Luck – Attention To Detail

When players play a game, not only do they want it to be fun and interactive, they want the game to look nice. When I say look nice, I mean that they want the scenery to be beautiful and detailed, they want characters to have personality and depth. Without details there is no game, there is no story, there is nothing interesting and unique about it. Producers need to not only focus on the basic game mechanics, but they need to also focus on background themes and locations. They need to make sure the grass has detail, the tree down the path looks like a tree and more. Players look for stunning visuals a lot more these days. With Wind of Luck, not only is the game fun and interactive, the producers truly paid attention to the small visual details.


There are lots of ships available to players in the WoL. Each ship is unique and each have different features. Every ship is designed to be stronger than each other and offer players different advantages. The design quality on the ships was very well done. The ships look very realistic and are inspired by actual ships used in wars at sea. With every ship being different it offers players a chance to experience something new in every session.

The above image is the blueprint for Manilla Galleon


There are six maps in Wind of Luck. Each map is very different and present different geographical locations and characteristics. Aztec Gold is based around Mexico, and a much more mountainous area. The map has several little islands decorated in palm trees with beautiful mountains. Skeleton Island even features skeleton heads. The maps have so much design into them making them so unique.


There are also a variety of fun and unique battles in Wind of Luck. Each battle type offers players different ways to win. Each battle offers players the chance to use their upgraded ships to their advantage, learn new moves and tricks. The game has so much detail. Each battle mode is different making every game session fun and different.

As I’ve already said, the game has made it so that every battle session is different. You can use different ships on different maps, in different battles. They have designed the game that there are several ways to defeat your enemies, either by stealth of force. Each ship has different features making some more advantageous in certain battles and others not so much.

The producers truly paid attention to the quality of the design. It is important that creators pay attention to the little details because it is the small details that truly give life to a video game. With the beautiful islands, water and sky textures, and even the unique ship designs, the game has so much beauty to offer. Not only is Wind of Luck fun and interactive, the game has stunning visuals. You can of course change your video settings but by playing with the best settings, your game is absolutely stunning. Screenshots of the games stunning graphics can be found here.

This review was supplied by Mark Stubbles, Mark is a workerhollic and doesn’t usually have time for gaming.