How To Fold A Paper Football And Play The Game

How to Fold a Chinese (Paper) Football

Begin with a piece of paper that is 8 ½ by 11 inches.  Fold the paper in half lengthwise (vertically), and then unfold it.  Then either cut or tear the piece of paper in half at the seam.  You will then have two vertical halves of the paper.  Place one of the halves vertically in front of you, and then fold it in half lengthwise.  Next, fold the lower left corner up to the right edge, so the edge is flush with the right side of the paper.  It will look like a triangle.  Then flip the triangle up, and continue folding up keeping the paper in the triangle formation until you get to the top.  Once you get to the top, unfold the last fold, so that two points meet to make a larger triangle.  You then trim off a little of the tope edge, so you can fit into the pocket that was formed during the folding process.  Flatten out the triangle, and now you have a paper football.

How to Play

This game follows the rules of American Football with two teams against each other.  In paper football, like the Action Mat Football version, it is two people sitting across from each other at a table with flat edges.  A coin is tossed to determine who will “kick-off” first.  The winner of the coin toss will start the game off with a “kick-off” by holding the football between his index finger and the table and flicking it to the other side of the table with his opposite hand.  Wherever the ball stops is where the opponent will begin playing the game.  Each player gets three flicks to try and score a touchdown.  If the ball goes over the table, the opposing team player gets the ball.
To score a touchdown, the player must flick the football and try to get one half of the football to hang over the edge of the table.  A touchdown is worth six points just like American Football.  After a touchdown is made, the player gets a chance to score a field goal.  The opposite player needs to form a field goal with his hands, and the person who is trying to get the field goal will hold the football between his index finger and the table and will flick the football with his opposite hand to try to get the football between the field goal posts.  If the field goal is made, it is one point.
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