How To Fix Blank Pages On A Laser Printer

Having a printer can be very handy, whether you use it on a daily basis or a few times a month, when you need to print some documents. There are a series of options on the market, while used printers can make very good investments as well. With all these, just like any other electronic, printers have a series of weak points too. Sometimes, overusing a printer may ruin the mechanisms. In other cases, ignoring and not using it for too long can also cause a series of issues. Believe it or not, not using a printer for months will not keep it brand new. In fact, you might be surprised to clean the dust and try to print a few pages, only to realize that they are blank. So where is the catch?

This is one of the most common problems in printers and fortunately enough, it has a couple of simple solutions. As long as you have some basic knowledge and a little dedication, there is no way to fail in achieving a good result.

Not Using A Printer Will Dry The Ink Heads

There are a few ink heads that release the liquid when you need to print something. They are mounted on the moving mechanism of the printer. Practically, the mechanism moves according to the image or text you print, while the heads release just enough ink for a good result. Even if you have just bought a new CE225A cartridge, you might be surprised to end up with blank pages. When the cartridge has been empty or unused for long periods of time, the ink heads are probably dry.

The solution implies cleaning the heads or the writing head with isopropyl alcohol. Use a match and some cotton, then dabble it in alcohol. If you are not in a rush, let the cartridge stay in a recipient filled with isopropyl alcohol for a few hours or overnight. Make sure that you let it stay with the inferior part in alcohol, since this is where the heads are. Feel free to rinse it with some warm water and dry it, then put it back in. The first printing attempts will not be perfect, but you can count on an excellent result after printing a few pages.

Using The Wrong Ink

Most CE225A cartridges can be refilled in order to save some money. This is what a lot of people do. However, they do not know that you have to opt for a particular ink. You may find cheaper or more expensive alternatives, but maybe they are not compatible with the cartridge. For instance, if you fill a Canon printer cartridge with HP ink, things can get very complicated. The physical and chemical properties of the ink are quite different. In the long run, the ink heads will most likely clog. The problem becomes obvious after a few refills.

Feel free to rely on isopropyl alcohol as well, but there are not too many chances to recover the cartridge, especially if this is not the first time you do it.

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