How Can You Design Your Website On A Budget?

How Can You Design Your Website On A Budget?

Designing your website need not cost an arm and a leg these days. By learning simple coding skills, connecting with talented developers and perusing free online forums you can design your website on a strict budget. The wealth of free, effective online design tutorials is almost overwhelming. If you’re ready and willing to research a bit and do strict due diligence you’ll find all you need to know concerning web design.

Remember that nothing is really “free” in the absolute sense of the word. If you don’t pay for some service in cash you’ll be spending time and energy learning the in’s and out’s of revamping your website.

Learn Basic HTML

Learn basic HTML to code your website on a budget. Get down the fundamentals to tweak your stylesheets and edit your theme. You need only pick up a few lines of coding to change your business blog or website dramatically. For example; changing your site’s font size or style only requires changing a few digits of code.

Query HTML coding searches on major search engines for basic tutorials. You can also use video sharing services to find helpful, in-depth tutorials on the basics of HTML. If you’re bootstrapping you’d be smart to learn the basics of coding to re-vamp your site without needing to pay a pretty penny.

Make Friends with Web Developers

This one is tricky. Making friends with skilled developers is easy if you forge the relationship with no ulterior motives. You can’t try to befriend someone with your hands extended, looking for favors. If you befriend developers by helping them out you’re likely to be the recipient of free services down the road. Promote their content, comment on their blogs and entice skilled developers with join business propositions. Only the best friends will offer you free development services.

Become close friends by giving freely of your time, talents and services. If a web developer needs your talents help them out for free. Promote your friends aggressively. Connect with these individuals on social networking sites. Being a good friend for many months and years can open the door for free services rendered.

A developer buddy may re-design your entire blog or eBook if you helped them out and gained their trust over a sustained period. Give freely now to receive easily later. You can overhaul your website without having to spend a dime with the right design and development friends in your corner.

Trawl Free Forums

Free forums offering keen web development and design insights litter the internet. Take care to visit reputable knowledge-bases. Free online forums give you access to helpful, thorough knowledge in the area of development. Designing your site is no easy task though; if you want to revamp your site on the cheap you’ll need to spend serious time learning skills and putting your new knowledge into action.

Run search engine queries to find free online forums related to web design. Connect with influential forum members. Contribute as much as you can, ask questions and engage other members to get the most out of free forums.