Here's 10 Little Luxuries You Need Right Now

We all want things that make life a little more fun, a little bit easier, and a whole heck of a lot sweeter. And for good reason too; many of us work hard for our money. And as you well know, the only way to spend your money is to make sure that first, whatever it is you are getting, it well worth it.
As the new year starts, and new fun little gadgets and knick knacks hit the shelves, we are left with more options than ever. In this list, we will name 10 little luxuries that you definitely need. These are luxuries that are suited to nearly every style of life, and range in price from a small amount—about ten bucks—to a large amount—a couple hundred dollars. And while you do not need them all, each is stamped with our seal of approval of a great, fun luxury investment item.

Little Luxury Number 1: Koozies

Okay, Koozies have been around a long time. They are nothing even remotely new to the market. But still, they are one of the most popular luxury items for sale today.
What is a Koozie?
A Koozie is a foam drink holder. We know, we know; you have probably seen these things a million times. The difference is that Koozies are a fun, some times edgy and often cute option for a beer cozie.
You can get anything from a pill bottle Koozie to a damsel Koozie. They run about ten bucks at the most and can be bought in bulk. If you like to have a beer while watching the latest football games, or you simply like soda, and drink it out on the sun, there is nothing better than a Koozie to keep your drink cold for you.
What is cool about Koozie, and makes them a bit more luxurious than their counterparts, is that you can get a customized Koozie designed literally any way that you want. And what could be cooler than a personalized beer cozie? Tell us when you think of something, because we certainly can not.

Little Luxury Number 2: Tablets

No matter the name or brand or size, there is little doubt that tablets are one of the most popular luxury gadgets on the market. Larger than a smart phone and smaller than a laptop, with complete portability and ease of use, a tablet is a great little toy to play with. The best part about a tablet is that you can do so much with one.
You can (if you are tech savvy enough) even use it with an operating system and have it recognized as a laptop, which is a great way to save some bucks and watch Hulu because, well, with all the commercials that they put us through, do they really need any more money through subscriptions. (The answer to that one is NO.)
The most popular tablets might surprise you; they are in fact Android tablets. While the iPad is a big contender, and boasts around like it’s the number one tablet, Android tablets, because there is such a wide variety and because Android is an open platform, meaning you can do anything an iPad can do and everything that it can not, have been selling like hot cakes in comparison. But that is not to say that iPads are not great; they are. They just cost a bit more to be it.

Little Luxury Number 3: GPS Watch

If you are a runner, biker or other endurance athlete, no doubt you have been using a watch as long as you can remember. Whether you time your mile splits or just want to keep track of how long you have been away from home, watches are the number one item for most runners—first and foremost even before their shoes for many! A GPS watch is a neat little gadget that is one of the most fun things to play around with, and possibly the most useful things to use for an athlete.
With a GPS watch, you no longer need to determine your course before you set out; your watch can show you where you are, what is around you, and let you choose which way you want to go on a whim.
They are usually packed with features that set them up to be tracked as well. This is a lie saving feature that could come to the rescue in the instance that a careless driver hits you while you are on your run or biking trek. There are very few luxury items that seem necessary, but if there was ever one, a GPS watch is it for the athlete.

Little Luxury Number 4: Logitech Ultimate Ears Headphones

Man oh man, who ever thought some ear buds would reach 400 dollars in price? Well, Logitech has taken the leap and introduced one of the first high end ear bud sets to the market, and they have done it surprisingly well.
If you are a musician, music lover or tone guru, these ears buds pack the ability to make every thing that you listen to sound exactly the way that it was intended to be heard. BEATS by Dre may have proven themselves to be overpriced and not very good, but Logitech has piggy backed off of the idea and made something well worth looking in to if you love to listen to your music in the highest audio quality possible.

Little Luxury Number 5: Chromebook

So a tablet is not really your thing because you simply do not like touch screen. We get it; touch screen can be a hindrance at times, especially if you like to play certain games, or use certain web site. Well, do not despair; you still do not need to buy a full size laptop.
The Chromebook by Google took everyone by surprise when it came out, not because it was unexpected but because before it came out, netbooks were rather lackluster and offered very little. But the Chromebook changed all that.
The Chromebook has a great operating system, higher specs than nearly any other netbook in its price range, and a light enough weight and a compact enough design to make it easy to carry anywhere, making your life much, much easier.

Little Luxury Number 6: Amazon Kindle

The Kindle has time and time again proven that it is the eReader to be reckoned with. Out of all of the other eReaders on the market, feature for feature, the Kindle simply offers more. Amazon has made a product that not only is going to last for quite a long time, and compete for just as long, but they also tweak it in the best ways.
Recently, they made the display look perfectly like crisp, brand new white pages of paper with black ink lettering—something that the Nook quickly copied. But the Kindle, however, does it better.

Little Luxury Number 7: Texting Gloves

Yes, they made them. Yes, it is an ingenious idea. So some day some person some place realized that texting with gloves on was impossible for one main reason; touch screens are touch sensitive, not pressure sensitive.
This is not a design flaw until winter comes. What this person did was sew a patch of fabric on to the texting finger tips of pairs of gloves so that they could easily text with their gloves on. What they then did was accumulate millions of dollars of wealth. Sounds pretty great, right? Well, the idea is one of the simplest, and one of the best to come around for quite some time.
It has taken the touch screen woes out of winter and autumn and kept a veritable many from freezing their hands off while trying to play with their smart phone in the cold. The best part is that texting gloves are not very expensive. They are possibly the most convenient non-electronic item on this list, simply because they offer consumers a way to accomplish a task that was not quite impossible, but very difficult and very painful to accomplish for quite some time before these gloves hit the market.

Little Luxury Number 8: Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon has been doing everything right recently, and it shows. While we have already covered tablets, the Amazon Kindle Fire is in a class of its own. Sure you can get a Kindle app for your tablet that lets it function sort of like an eReader, but the Amazon Kindle Fire is an experience in and of itself.
This tablet eReade, hooked directly in to Amazon’s market place and Prime selection, is a great gadget. It is cheaper, and offers more features, than almost any of the high function tablets on the market today. What is best is that you can get literally dozens of free movies and books on it if you have a Prime membership through Amazon.
As far as convenience goes, this hybrid may not be the highest powered tablet type device, but it is definitely one of the best looking as far as image quality is concerned, and its definitely one of the best functioning on the market today.

Little Luxury Number 9: Tablet Keyboards

Man oh man, how many people truly do despise having to tap their screens to do things. You would think that touch screens were the end all be all, the way all companies are moving away from keyboards these days. But the fact of the matter is that many people still prefer a keyboard to a touch screen.
There are many reasons for this, not the least of which is that a keyboard makes almost everything easier. Not everyone has thumbs or fingers that can poke and prod at the speed of light. And for us, a keyboard is the best accessory in the world for our tablets.
A tablet keyboard does not just allow you to type in things on Google with having to use the on screen keyboard; it allows you to use your tablet more like a computer. You can use Word more easily to create text files, as well as play games more efficiently in most cases. Best of all it makes chatting go so much quicker. Because let’s face it; no one likes waiting for their slow poke friend to finish pounding out their sentence on the screen of their tablet one terribly slow letter at a time.

Little Luxury Number 10: An Otterbox or a Ballistic Case

We are not here to add fuel to the animosity between Otterbox lovers and Ballistic Case lovers. The fact of the matter is that both companies make darn good cases that will protect your phone. The main difference is that while Otterbox cases are designed with a commercial audience primarily in mind, the Ballistic Case was originally designed for use no construction workers who would be high up and at risk of dropping their phones pretty far down.
No matter what make and model your phone it, it can benefit from a good case. With the bigger screens that phones are getting these days, dropping a phone is a more devastating event than it has ever been before. It can mean a cracked screen or worse; a useless phone. So the number ten convenience luxury item on our list is definitely a great, high quality and ultra durable case for your smart phone device.
Because if it helps, think of it this way; you phone cost a few hundred dollars or more. The last thing you want to do is lose that money because it fell out of your pocket. If protecting your investment is not convenient, then we would be hard pressed to find something that is convenient, because to us, saving money is the ultimate convenience. Either company will do; in the end it all comes down to your own personal preferences in case company.

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