Are E-Cigs Really Healthy? Let Me Explain…

Are e-cigs really healthy? Let me explain the basic idea of electronic cigarettes to you and then you can make your own decision…
The main thing to realize while you consider if electronic cigarettes are healthy is that this question is being compared to smoking tobacco. It is nearly impossible in today’s day and age to not be aware that smoking cigarettes is one of the worst things a person can do to their bodies.
The health risks of smoking are extremely well documented and advertised constantly. While everyone knows that smoking is extremely bad for their health, this still doesn’t prevent people from starting the habit and once someone starts smoking it can be nearly impossible for them to quit. This is the fact that you need to keep in mind, that cigarettes are bad for you and very hard to give up once someone develops the habit.
Without going to much into complex medical science, cigarettes are bad for you because of the effects of nicotine on the body and the effects of inhaling cigarette smoke which is full of carbon monoxide and a very long list of deadly chemicals.
Out of these two factors, the nicotine is actually the less harmful of the two. Nicotine is still not good for you but the smoke from a cigarette is a lot more harmful than nicotine is. For this reason it is pretty obvious that if you have to choose one of these two things to put in your body that the better choice would be nicotine.
So we know that both nicotine and the smoke from cigarettes are harmful and we also know that out of the two nicotine is the less harmful of the two. Now when you stop and consider just how difficult it is for someone to quit smoking, it’s pretty easy to agree that if you can’t stop someone from smoking the next best thing is to remove the more harmful of the two factors that make smoking so bad for you in the first place.
If there was some way that you could get nicotine into the body without having to have the person inhale toxic smoke, then this would be a win in almost anyone’s book. This is where the electronic cigarette comes in.
The electronic cigarette works by creating a vapor that is then inhaled by the user and satisfies the craving for nicotine. Because this action feels a lot like smoking a cigarette, it helps smokers keep from actually smoking tobacco.
You are probably wondering why someone needs to feel like they are smoking if the main thing they need is nicotine and the answer is about how addiction and habits are formed. Most smokers state that the reason products such as nicotine gum and the nicotine patch don’t work is that they don’t feel satisfied by it and so eventually end up lighting up a smoke to get that feeling.
Because electronic cigarettes so closely mimic the act of smoking, it is much easier for them to give up tobacco in favor of this method and then work to give up nicotine from there. So are e-cigarettes healthy? Well, if you are not a smoker, then no they are not, but they are a lot healthier than smoking tobacco is and that is what really matters.

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This article is by Sarah Miller who writes for Vapestick.