What Online Vehicle Comparison Means For The Motor Trade

Online comparison sites are part of every day life. Every time you need to buy a kettle, book a holiday or renew your contents insurance, chances are, you’ll hop onto a price comparison site to make sure you choose a reputable dealer and get the best deal for your budget.

Now, price comparison sites are branching out and industries we are not used to seeing on comparison sites are cropping up. These include the chance to compare bank accounts and more recently, MOT, servicing and car repairs.

The motor trade industry has always been a bit of dark horse, with ambiguous pricing and unfamiliar definitions on the invoice. The introduction of comparison sites for the motor trade will hopefully help improve this reputation, but what else does it mean? Read on to find out more.

Access to Feedback

Any decent comparison site will allow the user access to customer reviews. This is of course useful for the customer, but can also prove an invaluable source of market research for the motor organisation too.

Another benefit of such services is that motor trade insurers and business owners can find out what customers do and do not like about their current provider and have access to feedback regarding the level of service and customer care they have received.

This should give them a good idea about what is working in their firm and what they need to improve.
What Online Vehicle Comparison Means For The Motor Trade

Increases Competition

Being able to compare a like for like service will almost certainly improve the competition between MOT and service providers. Being able to see what your competitors are offering, and at what price, all from the comfort of your own living room is an attractive draw.

Other benefits of competition, aside from the obvious reduced costs for buyers, is that innovation is likely to happen more quickly as garages realise they cannot have the luxury of resting on their laurels whilst their competitors are coming up with new initiatives. For MOT garages, this could include loyalty cards, introductory offers and referral discounts too.

Help Regulate the Industry

How many cowboy traders have you come across in your industry? Isn’t it frustrating knowing that whilst you’re doing a stellar job, dodgy Dave down the road is coasting along, ripping off people left right and centre. Not only is this dangerous, but it’s hugely damaging to the reputation of your industry.

Introducing an online MOT and service comparison site will help improve the standards of work in the industry. Just as with motor trade insurance, customers will be able to search for MOT and services based on the type of car they have.

Confident Customers

Many people are nervous of using MOT and servicing garages. This is because the Average Joe doesn’t understand the mechanics that goes into servicing or repairing a vehicle. They just have to trust the word of the mechanic and hope he does a good job. At a fair price too.

Using online vehicle comparison sites for garages, just as they would to find motor trader insurance, means that the customer can feel much more confident in their decision. They can regain control as they compare garages in their area and make a sound judgement based on prices and reviews from previous customers. Comparison sites that are linked to big brands also helps build reputation, as customers are more likely to trust a site which is affiliated to businesses they trust

These service and MOT comparison sites are a welcome addition to the comparison site industry. Customers using these sites can have complete peace of mind that they are dealing with a professional company and can find out exactly what they are getting from their MOT and service. And transparency in the industry is something we have all long been pushing for.

Gemma Sheldrick is Head of Strategy at DNA Insurance, who provide insurance advice and cover for businesses across the UK.