Are You Missing The Water Savings Trick?

Cost savings can make all the difference but which ones for best effect?

With the economic downturn looking likely to continue, businesses are continually becoming more creative in a bid to reduce costs.  Keeping staffing levels to a minimum, cutting down on unnecessary expenditure and reviewing operating practices may help you avoid the slash and burn strategy.  A perilous economy with a decrease in revenue, tighter lending conditions and increased costs of operation may lead us to cut down on the non essentials that nibble away at the bottom line.  Keeping your staff motivated  however and moral in the office high should remain a priorty. Gestures such as Birthday cakes, incentives and rewards become all the more essential.

Take a look at your water utility

So how can you make continued cost savings without taking extreme measures?  Reviewing outgoing expenditure should be high on the agenda.  We are constantly encouraged to review our domestic utility bills, moving from one supplier to the next and combining gas and electricity suppliers to gain a better rate.  It should be no different for businesses, whatever the size of operation.  An annual audit of utilities will ensure you are getting the best value for money, that your usage is monitored and streamlined.
Once you have reviewed your gas and electricity charges, don’t forget to look to your water charges.  Water auditing companies have found that amongst their clients, up to 75% of all commercial water bills are incorrect.  Employing the services of a professional water management company could result in a considerable refund from your supplier as well as continued annual savings following a review of your practices and tariffs.  If you see an anomaly between your water consumption and your water bills or if you see a discrepancy such as a rapid increase in your company’s water charges then you should consider bringing in the experts.  A free appraisal means that it’s a no lose proposition for the business as if no mistakes have been made, then there is no charge to you.  If your past bills indicate areas of mischarging however, an onsite survey and further analysis of your water charges could result in significant financial gains whilst improved water management will improve your companies green credentials.
Water conservation is a serious issue and will no doubt receive a greater focus in years to come. In the past century the world’s population has tripled and water consumption has increased six times over.  The average person in the UK now uses 150 litres of water a day, this 3 minute water facts video presents some startling facts
If your company has a water leak you will not only be charged far more than necessary but you are adding to the global water conservation problem. Get smart –  don’t forget your water!
Written by Karen James, Director of two businesses and keen writer for Business and Marketing sectors. This article  looks at why
water management  is so important and how it can not only save you money in the short term but can gain you a substantial refund.