Garage Must-Haves

Whether you have a passion for cars, in the case of a collector for example, or simply have learnt about them in order to save money in fixes and repairs, you’ll need to have a well equipped garage.
Even mechanics need to start from somewhere and you’ll soon realise it’s quite a task to have all the tools. You might not need all the tools straight away – it all depends on what kind of work you need to do.
Here are some top tools you really need to have in your Garage.
Screwdrivers, Wrenches and Pilers
Try to get a variety of sizes for all of these tools, as well as different designs.
Tools with rubber handles give you a better grip than those without, and if you are planning on doing a lot of work on your car, or on other people’s cars, you’ll want something that’s both comfortable and practical.
Don’t forget the Torx bits.
A Lot o’ Tape
Let’s start with duct-tape.
For wires you will likely need heat shrink and electric tape. They help you protect and seal uncovered wire and make sure they don’t touch other wires in the vicinity, causing an accidental short out.
Air Compressor and Tyre Gauge
Probably one of the most useful things to have in a garage, whether you need to power your air tools or inflate your tyres. It’s also good to dust off your garage. It goes without saying that to make sure your tyres have the right pressure you’ll need a tyre gauge too.
Solder Guns
You wouldn’t want random bits of car to fall off… especially when it comes to electrical parts or the new mod you just installed on the front of your bike or car.
Good for cleaning all around, it’s good practice to have several ‘sets’. Some to wash your garage, others to wash your hands, and more to clean your car’s exterior.
You can have two: a big one that just sits in your garage, and a smaller, portable one which you can plug into your car’s cigarette lighter socket.
Proper Storage
It’s hard to make a garage look tidy, especially when there’s oil and the like spilled all around, but well thought out storage and garage shelving can make your job a lot easier.
It’s a good habit to allocate space for certain tools and always make sure they are returned there once you have used them, not only for speed but also for safety.
What about you, are there tools you feel you can’t live without?

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