7 Signs It's Time To Replace Your Carpet

It is surprising most people have a hard time trying to decide whether or not their carpet needs to be replaced.  Carpet is one of those things that always seems to be okay – even when it’s really not.  There are a number of warning signs you can use to determine when it’s time to replace your carpet.
Noticeable Damage and Stains after a Professional Carpet Cleaning
The easiest way to see if your carpet needs to be replaced is by getting it professionally cleaned.  If you see noticeable damage or lingering stains after your carpet has been professionally cleaned then it is time to replace it.  When looking for damage, focus on wear and tear around the doors because this area often wears out first.
Noticeable Discoloration
Spotting a stain is easy because it stands out but discoloration can be a little bit trickier.  After a while the natural color of your carpet will begin to fade.  Due to foot traffic and lighting, this discoloration rarely happens evenly.  Although you won’t see obvious stains, you will start to notice serious discoloration issues.
Noticeable Rips and Tears
Another factor to be on the lookout for is noticeable rips and tears in the carpet.  This is much easier to spot if you have shorter carpet.  It is important to replace your carpet if a rip or tear occurs because it can quickly be exacerbated.  Plus, it causes a real health hazard because even small tears can end up catching your toe or shoe and tripping you.
That Weird Odor That Won’t Go Away
Nothing is worse than suddenly noticing a lingering odor without a source.  If this is the case, then your carpet pad or subfloor may have been penetrated by a stain.  Since the stain was likely caused by liquid, this can quickly turn into a mold or mildew problem.  The odor will likely dissipate after cleaning, but if it doesn’t go away then your carpet needs to be replaced.
Worn Bare/Matting Down
Another common reason to replace carpet is comfort.  And high traffic areas, your carpet will lose his ability to bounce back after a cleaning.  This is especially true if you have a polyester-based carpet because it is the least resilient and quickly begins to Matt down.
Allergies Get Worse
Over time, your carpet fibers begin to trap and retain more allergens and particulate matter.  If your allergies are consistently getting worse for no apparent reason, it may be your carpet.
It’s More than 20 Years Old
Industry experts agree the absolute breaking point for carpet is 20 years.  Even in low traffic areas, today’s carpets should ideally be replaced every 10 years, however most people are comfortable stretching its lifespan out a little farther when necessary.
There are very few hard and fast rules used to determine exactly when your carpet should be replaced.  The easiest way to do a thorough check of your carpet is by getting it professionally cleaned.  Once it is completely clean, any problem areas will be highlighted which makes it easier to decide whether or not it really is time to replace your carpet.
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