Different Types Of Soffit Vents

Soffit vents are needed to ensure proper ventilation on roofs, in attics and in other areas where ventilation may not be available. These vents help to prevent ice buildup on the roof and keep the space cool when the weather is hot. However, the ventilation of the attic is typically the primary concern when it comes to soffit vents. It can keep the area from becoming moist or damp, which can produce foul odors and the growth and development of mold or mildew.
Soffit vents are available in a selection of sizes and shapes and you should ensure that the correct one is installed in your attic. There are two primary categories for soffit vents, which include:

  • Vents that are wide and made to fit within the actual framing
  • Strips of vents that are held together in the formation of a line

Once you have determined the type of soffit vent you need they can be further divided into three categories, which include:

  1. Custom: These are used typically in custom homes and created specifically for the space they are going into.
  2. Individual: These are the most common type that are seen. These soffit vents can be installed by the homeowner without professional assistance. Additionally, they are designed with a piece of screen, which can prevent insects and other critters from going through the vent.
  3. Continuous: These are designed to be a continuous line of vents that goes the entire length of the soffit on your home. They are the second most popular type of vent that is found on homes.

All modern homes require soffit vents. They are now installed when homes are built, however in the past these methods of ventilation were not installed. In many cases even if they are installed after construction they are not sufficient to control the temperature in your attic. If you are wondering if your home needs one type of soffit vent you can do a simple temperature check during the various seasons to check whether they are necessary in your attic. If the temperature is not comfortable, or the area is damp or moist you will need to install these vents.
You can replace soffit vents on your own or choose to have professionals add them for you. If you are adding your own vents, you will need the correct tools. Use Echo Parts to help you get started with your soffit vent replacement needs.
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