Jobs For A Degree In Education

A good job can be hard to find but there are things you can do to help you out. One of those things is earning a college degree.  That being said, choosing a degree can be a difficult thing to do. Knowing what jobs are available beforehand can help you out. We have looked at jobs with history, English and anthropology degrees; now let’s look at jobs with a degree in education.
While the most obvious job with this degree is teaching there are many other options available including administration positions or curriculum and policy development.  An education degree teaches valuable skills such as researching information, problem solving and communication. These skills can easily be transferred into other jobs. Here are a few possibilities.
Most education degree graduates will go into teaching at the primary or secondary level. These education programs prepare teachers for specific areas of education like special education or early childhood education. It isn’t held strictly to teaching either. Many go on to work in school administration or compliance. Remember most states require teacher certification in order to teach in a given state. Many find teaching to be very rewarding and depending on the district can offer good benefits. You can also go into creating curriculum or work on a school board determining policy.
An education major can also find work in training others. This is usually corporate training or job and employee training. For job training your education background would be put to use assisting people obtaining the skills needed to find work. This would include things like resume writing and interview techniques; many state and local government agencies employee these positions.  In employee training you might find work with employers who need to train new hires or company policies, job responsibilities and you would keep current employees up to date on new policies and procedures.
Social Services
Social services are another field where the skills of an education major can come in handy. You may work with crime victims, teaching life skills to people with disabilities or helping children with behavioral problems. Your background in education would serve you well as you teach people the life skills they need to have a meaningful, effective life.  Possible employers include social services, nonprofits, rehab clinics, behavioral health care centers or halfway houses.
While it may not be the most lucrative of fields many find jobs in education to be very rewarding. Check with an accredited online university for available classes.
Jeff Jordan writes in lives in Southern California. He writes about a variety of topics including automobiles and colleges such as Trident University.