Why Should Tyres Be Given Proper Care And Attention?

Although there are many important parts of any vehicle, its tyres should be given precedence.  Not every driver looks after each tyre and they instead focus on checking a battery or their brakes more often. So, why check a tyre?

It is a Legal Requirement

When a vehicle has a poor quality tyre, a driver is breaking the law. If police stop a vehicle and each tyre is seriously damaged, a penalty might be issued – this could be monetary but points can also be added to a license. If a tyre is in a terrible state, a driver might be given a custodial sentence in a court of law.

A Vehicle is Safer to Drive

If a tyre has insufficient tread, it will be unable to grip onto a road surface. In wet conditions, a vehicle can become dangerous to drive because it cannot cope with rain, sleet or snow. As it could skid, a car might crash into other vehicles and cause serious injury. Even in dry conditions, poor tyre tread can have dangerous repercussions. By checking tyre tread on a regular basis so that it isn’t below 1.6mm, or 3mm when driving in Europe, it can be determined if a brand new tyre should be fitted by a mechanic.

To Save Money

When a tyre has to be replaced sooner than necessary, this is added expense. Although the cost of a tyre isn’t necessarily expensive, it is money which a driver could ill afford to lose. When a tyre is damaged beyond repair because a wheel isn’t aligned properly, it will have to be replaced. To avoid this costly situation from happening, take a look at each tyre to see where damage is. When wheels are aligned, damage happens in the same areas as each other. If damage is evident on different places, this can indicate that wheels have to be aligned. By taking a vehicle to a mechanic, wheels can be aligned which typically costs far less than replacing a tyre.

If a vehicle has the wrong tyre, it doesn’t have high fuel efficiency. As the cost of petrol keeps increasing across the world, a driver can save money by choosing a tyre which is more apt for their vehicle. If the wrong tyre is selected, far more money has to be spent on filling a tank.

Damage can be Prevented

When driving on uneven terrain, such as in the countryside, damage can happen. If wheels aren’t balanced, damage can also be caused on smooth surfaces. By making sure that all wheels are balanced, irregular damage is stopped from happening. When wheel balancing is done by a mechanic, not only do tyres become usable for longer but driving will be a more pleasurable experience. This is because it won’t vibrate even when driving on a smooth surface. As it can be painful when a car vibrates, wheel balancing is in a driver’s best interests not just for themselves but also their passengers.

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