Dating Etiquette For Women

If dates do not come that often and if you are in the search for the perfect guy, you have to start with yourself first.

First impressions are very important because this will usually stick to the minds of the people who meet you. Have you had too many first dates but every single one of them never gave you a call to ask you out on a second date? Maybe you failed to impress these guys on your first date. Never make that mistake again. With these laid out dating etiquette tips, you will be sure that your date will call you for a second one.

Dress Like a Queen

Men are easily stimulated by the way a woman looks. If he asked you to a fancy restaurant, at least make and effort and dress up for the occasion. Put on that red hot dress that has been sitting in your closet for some time now. Men like to show off their dates especially if the woman is dressed like a queen.  Take a bath, brush your teeth, put on some make up and wear a sweet smelling perfume. This will tickle not just his visual but olfactory sense as well.

Be on Time

Women take so much time in the bathroom doing a lot of stuff. However, it is impolite to arrive late on a first date. Men are sticklers for being on time. While you may reason out that you are worth the wait, your date could get easily bored and may be looking at his watch when you arrive. If an emergency does indeed come up, then at least be mindful enough to call your date and inform him that you will be arriving late.

Zip Your Mouth When it Comes to Past Relationships

Remember that you are trying to get a new boyfriend and not rekindle an old relationship. When you talk about your past boyfriend with your date, this will give him the signal that you are not yet ready to move on to a new relationship.

No man likes to hear about a past boyfriend during a date because this is an indication that

you still have feelings for the other guy. It means that you really are not into him and you are just dating him to pass the time. Even if you say negative things about your past boyfriend, this can become a warning that you are not a girlfriend material because you might do the same thing to him once you two become an item.

Be Yourself

Do you expect a hard-core basketball player to be able to perform like that of an Olympic champion swimmer in the pool? Never try to emulate another personality when you are out on a date. Being you is good enough. Models may have something to offer but so do you. Talk about the things you like and do. Do not force yourself to be someone else because you would not only be deceiving your partner but yourself too. If there is one thing that guys appreciate the most, this is honestly. You will know on the first date if your personalities gel together by showing him your real self.

Never Chase Him

If he is really into you, he would give you a second call. He would put down whatever it is he is doing at the office and call you using his

business’ VoIP PBX with his smartphone. If he is not, then he would not even try. Don’t make a

fool of yourself by calling him after your date. You are the woman and he should be doing the pursuing. If he didn’t show up again, then move on and give chances to others. Don’t dwell on it so much. There are plenty of guys out there. Just open up your horizons a bit.