Perfect Gifts for the Woman with Everything

Finding the perfect holiday, event, or birthday gift for a woman who seems to already have everything can be a challenge. Not only do you want to give her a gift, but you want to give her a gift she will actually use and enjoy. Below are perfect gift ideas that the woman with everything will get excited about.

Monthly Subscriptions
The selection of innovative monthly subscriptions is far beyond that of magazines or newspapers. Instead, look for monthly subscriptions related to a special interest, hobby, or activity. This may include a wine of the month club, a coffee of the month club, a monthly flower delivery, or a monthly gourmet food sampler.

Tickets to Shows and Events
If the woman you are shopping for enjoys the theater, opera, symphony, or ballet, then tickets to a show could be the ideal gift. Also consider other entertainment shows she might enjoy such as tickets to a local comedy club or local dance company. If there are any upcoming events she may love, you could also buy her tickets. These could vary from a black tie, nonprofit event, to tickets to a fashion show or art showcase.

Gift Certificates
Gift certificates may get a bad rap for being thoughtless gifts. However, if you put thought into the location or retailer, a gift certificate can be the perfect gift. Consider giving gift certificates to places that allow her to pamper herself, or places that she sincerely enjoys. This may be a favorite restaurant, a spa, a cosmetic counter, or a favorite boutique.

Home Fragrance
Home fragrances can be the ideal gift for a woman who seems to have everything. There are a wide variety of home fragrance options you can choose from such as candles, reed diffusers, oil burners, wax burners and luxury room sprays. It’s best if you can find out her favorite fragrance beforehand so that you can customize your purchase.

Hand-crafted Gifts
If you are an artistic person and create unique hand-crafted pieces, a sample of your work can be an ideal gift for the women who has everything. This could be anything from baked goods, handmade soap, jewelry, a painting, or anything else you make with expert craftsmanship.

A Ladies Night Out
If the woman you are buying for has a busy schedule without much time to spend with the ladies, consider hosting a ladies night out. This could be a dinner at her favorite restaurant or in your home. It could be the two of you, or group of her closest girlfriends. Sometimes a great meal, great wine, and time with good friends are the best present of all. Also consider other fun activities such as going to a wine tasting, art gallery, or anywhere she enjoys that her significant other is unlikely to venture.

While it seems daunting to find the perfect gift for a woman who has everything, finding a gift even for her is easy with a bit of thought and consideration.

This article was written by woman with everything, Briar McLachlan.  She recommends a reed diffuser for any woman in a luxury fragrance and she is sure to love it.