Is Newspaper Advertising Still Worth It?

Newspapers have been around for centuries and have been used for a long time as advertising tools. In recent years though, people have started using digital media to get news. The news is just a click of a button away. Along with the increase in use of the internet for news reporting, has come an increase in use as a marketing tool.
Social media has also been used greatly as a marketing tool, leaving people with the question: Is advertising in a newspaper still worth it?
Well, many people still read the newspaper, so it is still a very valuable advertising tool. Newspapers reach a wide range of places and have a loyal following.
The downside to advertising in newspapers, though, is that not many young people read newspapers, so you could potentially be losing out on a large client base.
Print marketing can also be terribly expensive. What is important is to know your target market, and where to find them. If you can afford to, you should opt to advertise in as many newspapers as possible, both national and local. Knowing your intended audience means that you can advertise products that will be useful to the people in that particular area.
One other factor that affects ad pricing is the design of the ad. If you are a small business, rather opt for a black and white ad, as it is cheaper and the colour may really not make any difference to the amount of new customers you attract. The ad should lean towards creativity rather than colour.
Advertising in a newspaper could mean people looking at your company in a whole new light. Anyone can advertise on the net but newspapers are a bit more prestigious. Advertising in newspapers may be expensive, but it may do the trick if done correctly.

Here’s how:

  • Be realistic

It is important to understand your newspaper ad is not about getting people to buy products right there and then. It is more about getting your brand out there and getting people to remember it. This is why you need to place your ad in many different, but relevant newspapers.
Don’t forget about magazines. Magazines maybe more expensive and more competitive than newspapers but they are worth the effort.
Remember that people will not buy into your product if they only see the ad once. Make sure that the ad is present in as many publications as possible, and that your email address or social media contacts are available.
Remember that newspapers have a very short shelf life.

  • Connect the dots

It’s wishful thinking that you can only rely on print advertising to sell your product or service. Advertising has changed and the best way to move forward is to embrace that change. Advertising on social media is beneficial, having a website is beneficial, and other forms of media, like TV and radio, are also beneficial. If you can access all of them then great, but if you can’t then try to find cheaper combinations. All things work best together and not in isolation.
Advertising can sometimes be a tricky business. If done well, though, it can have major benefits. Know your audience and make sure that your content is relevant and recent. Always make sure that whatever you do suits your budget and will not end up crippling you in the end. So, be creative and let the ad do the talking.

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Zimasa Mpemnyama is interning at a digital marketing agency where she’s learning about the importance of online advertising strategies. But the fact that print is still relevant is never forgotten.