How To Improve Magento Shopping Experience Of Your Customers?

Magento has proven to be an efficient tool for running online store of any complexity or specification. This E-commerce platform is trusted and cherished by millions of users all over the world. If you run a Magento store you have already had plenty of possibilities to witness the varieties of possibilities it offers. But have you ever wanted to improve Magento shopping experience of your customers? In this case the first thing you have to care about is that your customers feel comfortable on every stage of shopping process. This will guarantee you that they complete the transaction and get back for more purchases.

Attention, Capture, Decision

In order to convert visitors into sales, your Magento store should perform three major functions:

  • Attention. A customer may land on your page from external web-site or search engine and should not leave the product page immediately.The page should immediately capture the interest of visitors who have just landed and prevent abandonment at all costs.
  • Capture. That’s where you provide customers with all the information about the product in order to convert their interest into purchase. Let them know about the additional value your product can present to them.
  • Decision. As a customer is interested and satisfied with product features and price, make him feel confident about the product and the decision to purchase it. Provide buyers with ratings, comments, videos and social network information.

Virtual Shopping Cart

The key role in conversion of web-site visits to sales is played by shopping cart page. In contrast to category or product page, its main focus is customer’s decision making. A good shopping cart has to contain a comprehensive product table displaying product’s name, model, size and final price. A customer should be able to change the number, add and remove products.

A cart also needs to have a large and attractive button to start the purchase process, display clear delivery fees and returns policy. A good option will be to provide customers with recommended products. The goal here is to up-sell or cross-sell: offer a more expensive option or a complimentary product.

If you have a retail e-business it is a great idea to use special Magento extensions that will rapidly improve usability of your shopping cart. For example, Magento Ajax Shopping Cart provides shopping cart solutions that will rapidly make the overall shopping process at you web-site user friendly and will help to increase conversion. Make your customers and your bank account happy by upgrading your store with additional Magento extensions!