4 Affordable Customizations To Trick Out Your Truck

4 Affordable Customizations To Trick Out Your Truck

Not every upgrade to your project truck or daily driver needs to cost thousands or require a complete mechanical overhaul. Some of the best upgrades can be completed in as little as an hour or two and add a great new aggressive look to your vehicle, as well as increase its overall performance. Here is a look at four customizations you could start on today.

1. Exhaust and Muffler Tip

An older or outdated muffler or catalytic converter can rob your vehicle of quite a lot of horsepower. When these components have too many bends or cracks, they will create too much or too little pressure, and this means less power. A simple, affordable, and attractive way to stop this is with an exhaust system that includes a muffler tip. These systems are generally a pipe with minimal turns and an attractive chrome or carbon fiber tip that can come out of the back or just behind the back tires.

2. Tires

Tires are another upgrade that will be a cosmetic add-on as well as a mechanical upgrade. Choosing the ideal tires from Tonka 4-Wheel Drive Ltd. or a similar vendor will involve a number of variables, such as how much you drive the vehicle, where you drive the vehicle, and if you plan on mudding or trail rides. The primary features of every tire include the tread pattern, the tread depth, the width of the tire, its rating, and its clearance.

3. Running Boards and Nerf Bars

These are a great upgrade for any truck, especially if you are planning on raising its height with new shocks or larger tires. Nerf bars and running boards come in universal designs, but most will want to purchase them specifically for their type of vehicle. These bars require nothing more than a few bolts to attach and will help passengers get in the vehicle as well as protect the actual body of the truck.

4. Grill and Headlight Guards

If you plan on spending any time off of the main roadways in your truck, you should consider grill and headlight guards. These guards are a very affordable upgrade to the truck and will prevent small debris from damaging your vehicle. They are custom-made for each make and model of truck and will allow you to get into slightly more rugged terrain. They generally come in colors such as chrome or matte black depending on the overall look you want to achieve.

Those first few upgrades to your truck should blend aesthetics, performance, and overall safety so that you are getting the most out of every dollar you invest into your ride.