Creating Your Dream Bedroom Is Easy When You Know How

If the average person spends eight hours per night asleep, they can expect to be in bed for a third of their life. Put that way, it is key to make sure your bedroom and more importantly your bed, is comfortable. This article gives some pointers on choosing the right bed for your dream room.

The Right Bed

A bed is the most important element of your bedroom and that is where you should focus your time and money. The bed and the mattress, will make or break your room and only after that should you start thinking about colour schemes etc. Divan beds are a good place to start, especially if space is limited.

Built-In Versus Freestanding Storage

Perhaps the most popular and enduring feature of divan beds is the storage space. The drawers on divans keep everything stored neatly and safely.
Many find the space underneath double divan beds invaluable; somewhere to store spare bedding, your winter wardrobe, or any other bulky item that needs space. If your room does not allow enough space for drawers to open on either side, there are models with sliding panels instead. Check before you go shopping.
Alternatively, choose freestanding storage if space allows. It gives a lot of flexibility in terms of style of decor, but also the layout of the room and how it flows. Freestanding allows you to choose a design that works for you, giving you space at the right height and with more manageable dimensions.

Children’s Rooms

There can be few easier ways of tidying toys away neatly than filling the drawer of a divan. Instantly, the room looks tidy, even if the child does not keep it that way for long! Under-bed storage has the benefit of being accessible, so fill that with things your child is allowed unsupervised access to and keep other things out of reach.

A Great Night’s Sleep

There are many things to consider when choosing the right mattress. The best way is to visit a retailer, seek advice and test them out.
–       How soft or firm?
–       Orthopaedic?
–       Memory foam

Draw Up A Plan

This includes a physical plan or layout of your room, to scale, so you can see how furniture might look and fit. It allows you to rearrange without lifting anything! List all the items you intend to buy to decorate your room. Set a budget and stick to it.
Once you have chosen your bed, you are free to move on to the rest of the room and you will know how much of your budget you have left. Neither single nor double divan beds will dictate the style for your room as, without a frame, they take on the style of the bedding they are dressed in. This flexibility means you can choose whatever colours or fabrics you like and very quickly, your stylish new bedroom will come together. If you prefer to make the bed more of a feature, opt for one of the many grander styles of bed available.
Shirley Jones writes regularly on various style-related topics for a range of websites. She has a background in interior design and has recently bought double divan beds for her own room and her guest room.