Costly Mistakes In Direct Marketing Campaigns

There are some great benefits when marketing your business through creating, developing and distributing leaflets; whether used as part of a marketing campaign or as the main promotional material. Leaflet distribution is and marketing is not just used by companies with small budgets, but by large companies, as it is still a great marketing tool if used correctly.

One type of organisation that may spring to mind is one that represents an event; flyers and leaflets are given to us even in the street to help promote a specific event.

More often than not, you can’t go wrong if you are to market your company through leaflet distribution, however, this can sometimes go wrong, often due to common mistakes made by the company itself or design team. Have a look at these few mistakes that should just simply not happen…

Typos & spelling mistakes

This is one of the most common mistakes, but most obvious mistakes made when producing leaflets.

This is a basic mistake that shouldn’t occur; there are sometimes teams of people that miss spelling mistakes and this is just not good enough.

Even Microsoft Word will pick up any miss-spellings, and any print that is to be sent for printing should be proof read by the people that designed the leaflets then checked by someone that has not previously read any of the content.

Contact Details

This is such a bad mistake to make; your leaflet is looking great, the content is great and what your promoting is great, but you’ve forgotten to put the relevant contact details on the leaflet.

How on earth can they contact you? The whole marketing and promotion campaign has just been for nothing and it makes your organisation look a little silly in the eyes of the public. So, yes they’ll remember you, but for the complete wrong reasons.

This is one mistake that happens more often than what people think and possibly because it’s such a basic part of the leaflet is forgotten about and therefore, missed. Sometimes it’s not all of the contact details missing, but one of few important contact details like your telephone number, email, website address etc.

Confusing the message

This is perhaps an easy mistake to make, but one that shouldn’t be made; confusing customers through mixed messages is not good, even if you’re a pizza take away; people need clarity otherwise what ever you have on offer will not be trusted.

One way to avoid confusing the message for the end consumer is to talk with a select number of your target audience and ask them about how they portray the message (obviously before the copy goes to print).

Try to avoid using jargon, unless necessary, as it can create confusion.

Image quality

Again, the content and look of the leaflet is fantastic, but there’s an image or images on the leaflet that just looks faded and badly printed; what a let down. This is a little embarrassing and images are perhaps one of the first things that people will see on your leaflet.

If this isn’t of high quality, it will not help to sell your product, service or company to potential consumers. Think of it this way; your outside a fantastic looking restaurant, but the images of the food on the menu are not looking too great, the likelihood is that you’ll decide to go elsewhere, even though that restaurant looked perfect.

Highlight the USP!

Research your competitors; you may think you know your competitors, but how much do you know. For example look at what they are and aren’t selling and whatever you can find that makes you stand out in a good way, make sure you get this on your leaflet.

You don’t have to have an essay on what is your USP, but just mention what you have to offer that your competitors don’t by simply highlighting your product or service.

Leaflet distribution is just as important as the small details on the leaflets themselves. Both must compliment each other; in other words, don’t get just the leaflets right, make sure you get both parts of the campaign correct. If not, the markketing campaign will either fail or not be as effective as it perhaps could be.

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The author of this article Harnek, has been in the leaflet distribution industry for many years and therefore has acquired vast amount of experience.