5 Must Have iPhone Accessories

Your smartphone is kind of like that little black dress in the closet (or suit). Sure, it’s great by itself, but why not dress it up a little? Add some accessories, and your smartphone is suddenly a statement piece. Here are 5 must have accessories to pick up today.

Every great suit needs a stunning jacket. That attention grabber that stands out in a crowd. Attractive, stylish make that statement. Your phone can be the talk of the town with the right wrapper like the Frē iPhone cases from Lifeproof. Waterproof, dirt-proof, snow-proof and shockproof you’re ready for anything. Frē has a nearly undetectable almost invisible screen protector. These cases are both durable and attractive. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous you could also go Nüüd.

Of course what look is complete without a little bling?  If you’re looking for that perfect addition to set off your ensemble, few accessories are as effective at getting noticed as the FuelBand by Nike+. Keep track of your activity throughout the day with a stylish red to green led display to track progress and share your activity socially on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Path. You can compete with fellow health enthusiasts and inspire each other to push harder.

There are no wallflowers here, we want to be seen and heard. For the cutting edge in audio technology that brings you off the streets and right into the studio, Beats by Dre is considered by some to be the only choice. Beats headphones replace the quality lost by modern compression methods. Made of aluminum gunmetal with overstuffed leather ear cups that provide superior noise reduction. This is a fashion statement of function and style. With celebrity endorsements from Will.i.am and Lebron James you’ll be in good company as you check out the latest tracks by your favorite artist.

Want to be the life of the party? Bring the entertainment with you. At just over 4 inches square, Apple TV makes your choices plentiful and portable. A little black box of options packed with Netflix, Hulu, iTunes and optional subscription services to major sports packages there is always something on anywhere you go. Apple TV works over a standard WiFi connection and supports bluetooth for using an Apple Wireless Keyboard. A definite must have for media fanatics.

After a long night all we want to do is recharge. When you’re feeling drained you need to get back up to speed as quickly as possible so you can get back out there. Enter the InCharge X2 Charging Station by XtremeMac. It’s modern, it’s sexy, it fits neatly onto a desk or nightstand. The X2 has multiple bays for charging two devices at once. It supports all the major Apple products iPad,iPod and iPhone and has adjustable mounts that fit most standard cases. This is the way to get your juice back without the hassle of multiple adapters. Why waste time with tangled wires when you can have all your solutions in one place?

Top to bottom, from Lifeproof’s impressive line of iPhone 5 cases to XtremeMac’s multipurpose recharging station the right accessories make all the difference. So go out today, pick up just the right addition to your iPhone confident that the statement you’re making is ‘I know my stuff.’ With all the options out there you may decide you don’t want to go out after all. Especially when you have everything you need right at your fingertips. Ditch that party.  Kick your shoes off, relax and check out the latest movies on Netflix. Not what you’re in the mood for? Grab a drink sit outside and listening to some tunes courtesy of Dre’s beats. The choice is entirely yours.

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