College Housing Alternatives For Students That Don't Want To Dorm

College Housing Alternatives For Students That Don't Want To Dorm
So, you are going to college – it’s exciting, but you are probably dreading the dorm room experience. Indeed, the dorm can be a less than ideal place to live when you are in college. Going back to a cramped, dark and uncomfortable room that resembles a jail cell is not the college experience that many students are looking for. However, there are many other options for students that don’t want to spend their college life in a dorm room. Plus, a lot of these options are more affordable. When it comes down to it, many students choose the dorms because they are less expensive than renting an apartment. Yet, sometimes the freedom of living in an apartment can be much more comfortable and worth every penny. Here are some college housing alternatives for students that don’t want to dorm.
One alternative to the dorm room experience is a fraternity or sorority experience. On any given college campus, there will undoubtedly be a fraternity or sorority that represents a certain Greek chapter. When it comes down to it, the Greek life can offer some really nice accommodations. Usually, you will get a room in a house opposed to a tiny room with cement walls in a big building. When it comes to costs, you usually have to pay monthly or annual dues, which goes to the upkeep of the house.
Another option is to live at home – with your parents. For college students looking for a taste of freedom, this can be less than ideal. However, living at home can often be the most affordable way to live when you are going to college. When it comes down to it, you could even visit and get your health administration degree online, which can save a tremendous amount of money on all the costs involved in commuting to school everyday.
Next, you could also bite the bullet and get your own apartment. Living alone can be a great way to experience your own independence and it can be a great learning experience. When it comes down to it, having your own apartment can give you a sense of total freedom. Sometimes having your own domain in which to live your life can give you unique tools that you can’t get by living anywhere else. While living alone can be expensive – if you search hard enough, you may be able to find living arrangements that are manageable.
Lastly, if you can’t afford to live in an apartment on your own, you can always get a group of friends together and split the rent. Living with roommates in a big apartment combines the best of two worlds – you don’t have to live in a dorm, but you won’t be paying an arm and a leg to have your own apartment. At the end of the day, you want to pick your roommates carefully. Sometimes choosing your friends can be a bad idea, because some friends can’t be that close for so long. So, you may want to go online and look for other college students looking for a roommate situation. Who knows, you may even meet some very interesting people that you really get along with.