The Pros and Cons Of College Greek Life

When it comes to Greek life, you either love it or you hate it. Very few people are neutral on the topic. However, if you don’t know much about it, then it can be difficult to know whether or not it’s the best way for you experience college. During your first year of college there will be all kinds of booths set up in the quad where you can learn about the various sororities and fraternities that you have to choose from, and each of them will differ in their overall culture and requirements. That said, there are lots of similarities between all of them. So if you’re into Greek life, you’ll find a house that you prefer, and if you’re not, the differences between houses won’t make a difference. Here are the pros and cons of college Greek life.

PRO: Form Close Bonds with Your Roommates

If there’s one thing that’s true about all sororities and fraternities, it’s that they are designed to connect the brothers or sisters of the house in a very serious way. Much in the same way that military soldiers form very close bonds through the rigorous challenges that they face together and the activities they engage in that are designed to build trust, Greek families carry out all kinds of activities and events that are designed to make all the members feel more connected.

CON: A Lot of Extra Responsibilities

If you’re the type of person who can barely handle staying on top of your studies and getting to your part-time job on time, then you are definitely not ready for the added responsibility that comes along with being in a fraternity or sorority. The whole idea is that you give back to your college community and increase school engagement and school spirit. You will also be required to attend meetings where you prepare for all kinds of social events that your house will organize. If you cannot commit to all of these meetings and events, you will be charged fines and it will be the source of much drama between you and the rest of your friends.

PRO: Strong Resume Builder

Since sorority sisters and fraternity brothers commit so much of their college career to taking on leadership roles that are intended to improve their community, they look great on your resume. You will definitely want to work your way up the ladder over the course of your four years so that you have a very senior position to brag about by the time you graduate and start applying for jobs.

CON: Increased Expenses

College is expensive and a lot of people can barely afford to pay their tuition, let alone the expenses of being involved in Greek life. Plus, as mentioned earlier, if you fail to be present for all meetings and events, you will have to pay even heavier fines. So if you end up leaving the fraternity or sorority before you’ve really worked your way up, it won’t really look good on your resume.

Then again, if you plan to attend an online school, like Case Western Online, then you won’t even have the opportunity to join Greek life and your experience with it will have to live exclusively in your imagination and all of the classic college movies out there.